Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Modern system of offense/defense against all types of attacks!
Realistic situational training!
Total combat system!
All conditions training!
Instinctive mind!
Women defense!
Special children defense!
Senior citizens defense!
Knife, sticks, firearms and improvised weapons combat/offense/defense!

Mental Power Management!
Fear Resolution!

No need for any previous Martial Art experience!

Constantly evolving, development never stops!

Dangerous as using firearms, not for playing!

Promotion of peace, non-violence and tolerance.

 Unique wisdom and philosophy!

Original art art and system!

Unique techniques, tactics and principles!

Unique theory, practice, experience in real emergencies!

Unique plan, program for progress and vision for the future!

Founded in real fights!

Founder still active in real fights!

Constantly street fighting tested! 

Battlefield tested!

Constantly tested in real life situations!