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Sometimes you might wonder about that name Instinctive ---What is instinctive here? Instinctive from perspective of most people are human reaction to flee the violence scene, to freeze under great stress, to protect themselves by turning, covering, ducking, turning away...all reactions that will get us easily and badly hurt in real situations or even killed. Those numbered here are not our true nature instincts; those are reactions of humans that are starting to decrease from their warrior evolution. Humans are warriors - from my perspective and my instincts are exactly that - warrior instincts. Please bear with me for a moment and Il tell you what is instinctive here, at Instinctive Self Defense.

INSTINCTS that I refer here are not you’re fearful reactions that you know from your own life, are not frightening cowering and fleeing the scene or freezing and dying....INSTINCTS OF INSTINCTIVE SELF DEFENSE are very dangerous tool.

From first day that we evolved or been made by God, we as human beings were forced to fight, kill and survive impossible conditions and situations bestowed upon us by cruel nature. For this survival of our species we have to develop certain skills at period of seven millions years of human evolution. Well through that evolution every fighting skill and every fighting instinct of our predecessor’s are becoming part of us - whether we like that or not.

We as humans have inherited our ancestor’s killer instincts from 2.6 million years back in the past. That is time of first known (for now) stone tools of human species. So is it now clear - what is Instinctive here - it is inherited killer instinct trough millions of years of evolution.

As for our –your training main fact is that I can safely and effectively get those INSTINCTS out of your hidden core and make use of them for your let say self defense -but this is understatement. Why? Because our body and mind is evolving for as long as 7 millions of years according to modern science (and that is quite long time) and we are now OVER THE TOP - we are the number one predator at this EARTH. But we are also greatest beings in terms of accomplishments of knowledge in all areas.

So, with our today super brains, bodies and science we can put out our hidden real instincts (and that is not instinct to flee or run or to gather food...our real instinct for surviving is KILLER INSTINCT) out for usage to benefit us in our today society and life. We have our pre-ancient and ancient and old instincts and we have our modern brain to control it. 

So we as modern people can use our prehistoric and our evolutionary killer instincts to protect ourselves in real life danger situations, but even more we can use them to benefit our life in all areas. We will not go around an kill people - that’s why you have your trough millions of years evolved brain - to use and control that instincts and to use them to transform us in to fearless humans that we suppose to be in the first place.

By special training methods you can get pure instinctive in your own good – to defend yourself and you’re love ones and all others in need. That’s the instinct I refer in Instinctive Self Defense! And they work very well in real life today for me and for all of my students.

Picture belowe and link to Smitsonan National Museum of Natural History:
You can see here how old is our fighting evolution.

Chart of human evolution milestones and dating methods.

Main mistake in modern science view of early humans is that they refer to them as weak, not able to protect them, forced to flee from danger...because most of today people of the world and science are exactly like that. They project their own picture on their scientific findings.

The real truth is totally different - humans are predators and we have those genes in ourselves - today under control - most of us - and because of those predators killer instincts we did survive everything till this our ages. You might disagree at first because you are nice and fine non violent person, but take a deep look at yourself. Deep down in you, there lies an fearless being with 7 million years old instincts to survive, to kill, to destroy, to adapt, to create and enjoy to. So there you have it. Now plan is simple: use it to your benefit in all areas of life.

Those statements no one would like to say to you in Martial Arts community because they sell you stories of way of peace, peace of mind and peace of soul, the way of philosophy and all other nice things that you want to here. Not me people – that’s all fine but humans are warriors, and when you become trained warrior than you will accomplished peace of everything with everything, but Martial Arts are cruel warrior arts and they have to be like that – otherwise you will easily get killed in real fight.

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