This is a practical integration of all theoretical and practical knowledge in to the preparations or drills to prepare you for very live process of real fighting. You, need preparation, in order to prepare yourself, because we never know when and where attack might occur, with what weapon and under what circumstances. So when we don’t know that, we have to go trough as many as possible situations of attack and surprise attacks to get used to take action under these circumstances.

In such way you will be familiar with many different attack situations and you will be les surprised, and you will gain abilities of fast acting, with the security of the person who was there and done that, and that it is no big deal for you. IS is practical, created to gain just one thing: RESULT. To accomplish that the result is positive for you (wining the fight) in the IS we use certain tools, tactics, psychology and targets. So, preparation can be translated as a practicing of pure street fighting, without hold, without limitations and rules of fighting. The goal is total control of hostile situations and surroundings and total destruction of attacker/s.

All of above is practiced in a way that your techniques of IS should be gradually speed up until level of explosive sparing is reached, but it is important that all fighters first learn a basic principles of IS. Goal of the training is speed, brutality, fearlessness, efficiency and short time of neutralization or termination of the attacker and hostile situations. Those preparations will enable you to brake the bones, to poke the eyes, throat, how to get used to sounds, feelings and touch of broken and blooded limbs, eyes, ears and so on. It is a great difference at the training session to hold someone eyes, but not to poke them till the brain is reached, from the real poke trough eyes, where eyes and blood is all over us and our fingers.

Nice finger and thumb pokes in to the various head like fruits and in various situations will prepare you for all the real feelings of eye poking. So other similar exercises are there for bone braking and so on. It is important to get used to making real damage on the various surfaces as much similar to the real situations. Of course no exercise could change the realm of fight but all of these can prepare you to fight deadly. In the IS there are various technical and tactical exercises but they are not necessary to learn in the basic level. Those are various exercises of endurance, stress, technique and tactic combinations. These exercises are powering and enlarging your speed, strength, endurance, experience, pain tolerance… etc.

Before any of exercising try to warm up properly, because you will in that way gradually get your mind and body in tune with the training assignments, and most important you will avoid injuries that are easy to happen when you suddenly try to load your organism that is not warmed up and not ready for sudden strains and loads.

In the IS there are a lot of very specific additional exercises as a means for preparation:

1.      Preparation trough learning IS techniques in various situations.
This is basic and first way of preparation in the IS. You should learn easy and slowly, by slow motion movements and then when you memorized the whole technique start to speed up a little bit, and gradually till maximal speed is reached. In this firs level imitation is needed, try to imitate as much precise as possible the motion from the book or from your instructor. Until they are completely automated imitate them, but when you know the movement and techniques exactly and instinctively, and then you can alter the technique into your own variation and style. Technique from the book you can memorize and learn in a fairly fast time, but it is entirely on you, as much repetition you make faster you will grow.

2.      Taking blows preparation, toughness’ of body.

This is a part of advanced IS training that and it is commonly called a specific physical preparation. In this book I offer you some basic exercises:

a) Forearm hitting; this is very efficient exercise which very rapidly strengthens forearm area, so that your forearms will be resistant to hitting and pain. Simply hit with one forearm to another, changing the hands and hitting trough whole forearm area, front, side and back. For the start do a ten strike with one arm on top then strike with another. During these exercise forearms should have to be without clothes protection.

b) Hitting in the middle; From standing position start to deliver strikes with your both half clenched fist in the same time to your stomach, then ten strikes to the sides, ribs, until the armpit area, then strikes to the kidney area, and back area.
c) Thigh hitting. With closed fists start to hit to the thigh area, lift one leg and do the ten strikes to the each side of leg. Another leg same procedure.

d) Shin hitting; one leg is high on the chair or some other surface, bend forward and start to hit ten blows to the each side of the shin.
e) Neck-throat pushing; with one closed fist push strait in to the neck, and repeat to every side of the neck. Then repeat with both fists together.

f) Head palm hitting; Strike the whole head area with palms of both hands. Literally whole, do not save neither one sensitive spot, even eyes, nose, lips, neck…

g) In pair strikes; you and your partner, stand against each other and start to hit each other legs with legs from all sides, hands on body. For the start hit five strikes with one then five with another leg/arm, then change turns. Be careful, strike with low intensity, when receive contract the muscles of the area that is stroked, do not squeeze whole body because you will lose a great amount of energy. It is important to do this exercise once a week, to release yourself from fear of being hit with the opponent punches kicks. If you want to tough effectively you have to do all of these exercises strongly every day.

3. Preparation for delivering, striking, poking, breaking, throwing, fights ends.

In the IS we are coming from the fact that if some of techniques is not exercised in totality this techniques will never work. There for we have special preparation, because we cannot really poke our partner eyes and put our fingers in his brain. Those are very simple exercises that will give you insight to your efficiency and might, and this will pick up your self esteem to the higher level.

a)      Fruit poking; to the efficient get the feeling how it is when you poke someone eyes. This is exercised with poking the oranges, melons, pumpkins…For example take the melon smash it a little to be good for finger poking, put the hat on the top of the melon so it will look like a head, and then with all your power with powerful yell poke the melon with your thumbs, another time with index finger, another with the whole fingers putted together. Strongly pull your fingers out. Also try to hit and smash fruits with elbows, forearms, palms, feet’s, knees, shins. Be aware to pick up all the parts of the fruits and to give them for stock food.

 b) Wall hitting; Stand in front the wall, and start to strike with the one leg, 10 strikes, then another leg ten strikes, and do every kick that you know in a such manner. Same action with the palms, consecutively strikes with palms, but do the 100 strikes. Always strike gently and with no brute force, technically correctly and always in to the hard surface hit with soft body part. Gradually increase power of your strikes in time, every week more power. These exercises will increase your striking power greatly.

 c) Power of grip and throwing; Find some large bag, filed it with some old clothes and similar material. Tie the bag on top so the clothes cannot get out. Practice with that bag, lift it, throw it, grip it for edges and lift, and throw, punch, kick, poke it, choke, and wrestle against it. You can fight with it as in a real wrestling match. Power of holds you can practice on the various pillars and trees, take a hold around, the tree or pillar, grip it strongly and pull up as if you want to put it out of the ground. You can practice grip by jumping on the pillar or tree hold around it with arms and legs and hold as longer as you can. When you throw the bag, throw it from every possible position, kneeling, lying, standing, throw over head, throw, from stomach…All of these can be practiced with your partner also. Hold him, lift him from various positions, throw him I to the air…Always while lifting watch carefully that you have strait back, tightened lower back in a strait position and that you lift with your bent legs first, then with strait back second. In that way you will evade to get your spine hurt.

 d) Breaking; get some of smaller laths in dimensions 2x2 or 3x3 or 4x3 centimeters and long about 60 or 70 or 100, or even more. Shape of lath is not important, it could be round, flat, with ever is most available for you. Put the laths inside of the trousers, to act as human legs, and inside shirt to act as arms. Then take the lath inside shirt in some kind of lock and break it, in the moment of brake yell powerful. Also make the trousers to stand resting on the wall in a degree of 30 centigrade’s, take a step back and brake the leg of the trousers one by one with the powerful yell. When doing so imagine-visualize that you actually break real arm and leg. You can break these laths in two ways, by pressing them sharply and explosively with the palm, forearm and elbow or foot, shin, heel, knee or by striking to it with the same area. Both of the two has to be practiced.  Try some of these braking at least one time in the every month.

3.      Speed and explosive power;

For speed and explosive power I will describe just one specific exercise. While you performing it you have to direct your will and consciousness to your body with idea of moving faster every time you try, every time faster than the last time. From lying on the back, sharply turn yourself to your stomach and then execute pushup with the jump clasp your palms, and then just as fast as you can get up in to the fighting stance and execute front kick to the genitals. Repeat this in 3 series by 5 repetitions.

 5. Body power;

a) Classic pushups, abdominal exercises, back exercises, squats in the 3 series of 10 or 20-50 reps will be good for strength and power workout. Here we will discuss only exercises performed with our body and without fancy equipment and weight lifting barbells, dumbbells and so on.

 b) If you have good conditions to practice with weights just get on it, it is very good, but if you don’t have or don’t like weights, you can perform just some basic exercise that will also develop your strength greatly. Plan for yourself one day in the week that will be your strength/power training day. On this day perform as many as possible pushups, squats, crunches, back lifts, leg lifts on stomach and back, wrestling neck exercises and so on…Do the 3 series of 10 to 50 repetitions, dependable on your current state of power. Rest very shortly – 1 or 2 min IS enough.

 c) Partner training: If you have partner to exercise with, lift each other with the hugs round his waist, legs, back, lift each other from the floor while you are standing above him, lift him while you are in lying position on the back and on the stomach. Throw your partner to the air with explosive bear hug and yell. Wrestle with him till one of you catch in the bear hug, around waist, another time around back, another time around leg…Wrestle on the ground, start facing each other from kneeling position and fight to get your partner on his back or another time on his stomach and hold him in these position a while. Always remember that these are a warming up exercises and that you have to be very careful not to hurt each other and not to get in to the sparing match.

d) Wall pushing; Stand in front of the wall, push with one shoulder with all your power for ten seconds, then same with another shoulder. Push the wall with the palms, fists, elbows, and head. Once weeks do these exercises and you will be much strongly than you were. When pushing, put one leg in front of you bent in the knee, another back and strait and push.  Push at 10 to 20 seconds and then change.  At least two to times a week practice these pushing.

6. Endurance;

Run two to three times a week at least one to three miles, drive by bicycle or treadmills, jump over rope… Practice different sports activities, as a tennis, football, basketball, handball, mountaineering, soccer and so on… 

7.  Flexibility;

Flexibility is very important and has to be practiced every day, because it is only in that way possible to keep and develop good flexibility. Various stretching exercise, yoga exercise are the only way of achieving flexibility. During warm up phase you should do dynamic flexibility exercise without holding in stretched positions, so that these exercises can prepare you for dynamic way of motion during fighting training. After training is over you have to do a static flex. Do exercises with holding stretched positions at least for 15 sec, and sometimes even more 1 or 2 min, dependable on your available time. This is important for relaxation of trained muscles and to enhance their abilities for recuperation.  Static stretching and yoga exercise are good to do at the end of the day right before sleeping, so in that way you will keep and further develop your flexibility and health. 

 8. Fight;

Sometimes try to practice real fight with your partner. You can do that in a few ways, first let him attack you for real with some punch, kick or whatever you and partner agree on. After that change and you attack your partner. After that just bow to each other and fight freely, attack, counter attack, and try to surprise each other, fight hard, maximally strongly and speedy. Wear all protection gear that you need helmets, gloves, shin, forearm protectors, groin, and chest protection and so on…

 10. Breathing exercise: Before and after every workout do the 5 min of breathing. You can do that from standing or sitting position. These exercise will make you ready for strains of workout that has to come, and fast recuperation from the strenuous activities, it will also calm your mind and lead you to total control over yourself.

a)       Preparation breathing I; From relaxed standing or sitting position, breathe deeply only through nose, exhale for five sec and inhale for five sec. Try to breathe with your lower abdomen.

b)      Preparation breathing II; Stand with legs apart , put your hands on your hips, bend forward for 30 degrees and start to breathe with stomach, while exhaling pull the stomach in, while inhaling force the belly out. Breathe deeply and do this for 10 to 15 times, count inhale/exhale as one count. But breathe only through your nose.

c)       Preparation breathing III; Deep breathing, Breathe deeply, start with deep exhale, put all of your air out of you, then inhale deeply with all your lungs, breathe only trough your nose. While breathing, use your stomach, ribs, and clavicles bones to breathe. Do this for 10 times. After that repeat the same exercise with inhaling n nose exhaling through mouth.

d)      Preparation breathing IV; Fast inhale and exhale through your nose. As fast as you can, repeat 10 to 15 times.

e)        Under stress breathing; Inhale through your nose and exhale trough your mouth. Deeply inhale trough nose, and exhale powerfully twice times trough mouth, rhythm is inhale-on one, exhale – on, two.

f)       After stress, strains, attack, intensive exercise…Inhale slowly to nose, slowly, deeply afterwards deeply exhale on the mouth. While inhaling move your hands with open fingers palm up toward your face, while exhaling move hands with open fingers downward. After that start to breathe same way with nose only. Repeat each exercise 10 times only.

1.      Visual and hearing speed sensitivity;
Visual and hearing perceptual speed sensitivity has to be learned with practicing because it is not developed in our ways of modern living. This has to be part of your everyday workout, short concentrated exercise of spotting things, peoples and sounds. Try to spot as many as possible details around you, to hear every sound around you without moving your eyes and looking in the sound direction. For exercising, stand relaxed in the open area, look in to the fare away area, buildings or if you are inside at the fare part of the room. Now try to see every motion without moving eyes toward spotted movement and sound. You can exercise this in room and gyms also. When you entering some room, bar, gym hall and so try to spot as much as possible potential weapons to use, dangerous persons, details about everything, obstacles, other ways out of there, windows, bars on windows, etc. again only with one look, of course try to remember it. To further develop your hearing abilities in a way that when you are at your home, sit down and listen every sound around you, if you are moving move as much stealthy and silently as you can, don’t make noise, spot noise. First you accommodate yourself at your own sounds, then on the sounds near you, and then on the sounds far from you, and in such manner narrow and widen your hearing sensitivity. While doing so, try to recognize thing or person that is making particular sound: “This is a my neighbor car passing by, this is my mother/father walking trough kitchen, this is hawk yelling above my house…Repeat three times from yourself to your wider surroundings.

      These preparations are all specifically designed to enhance your fighting, perceptual and relaxing abilities. After you get a grip on basic of IS it is important to take your exercising at new level, you have to use all of these exercises with maximal power, speed, aggression and endurance.

The meaning of the word drill is many time repeated action, exercises or combination of movements and exercises that requires an intellectual, physical and psychological coordination of the persons that are conducting drills. Main goal of the drill exercises is total automatization of IS techniques under great stress conditions and stressful situations and to develop fighting skills and harmony of your body, your techniques, opponent/s and environment. Trough drills practice you will be able to train yourself to sustain and endure pain, stress of any kind, to withstand shocks and to take appropriate counter attack on every possible threat situations. The ultimate goal of drill exercises is that practitioner of IS become perfectly trained for instinctive action in any situation.

From the psychological point of view, the drills are perfect tools for development of MENTAL POWER MANAGEMENT and all of its components from Aggressive Mental Stand to the Preparation exercises. In the IS drill exercises are developed   solely as toll for MPM.  Drill exercises have an important role of making a complete action person:


1.       MPM


3.       TACTICS OF IS

4.       SPEED

5.       STRENGTH

6.       ENDURANCE

7.       PRECISION


9.       BALANCE




All of those components are in every one of the drill exercises. Trough drills you can become a true warrior and ultimate IS master. Every drill exercise develop every of upper components in various percentage. That means that there are not equal percentages of every component in each drill. Some drills are meant to develop mostly speed, than in some smaller portion other capabilities, some others develop mostly, endurance, or strength, or techniques, or stress redundancy but every one of them develop and every other component in the same time but in smaller percent.



Those are fighting directed specific exercises that have to be worked out on every training session as a part of warming up. They are composed from some wrestling like of movements, hitting, catching, pushing, pulling, rolling, dodging, avoiding, ducking, side moving, counter attacking and so on…Some of those drills are and the IS techniques by the IS program of exercising. The intention is on the greatest number of repetition in a fastest possible way. So during every warm up you will do fighting exercise and prepare yourself for battle before real training is started. So there is a catch that you star to prepare yourself for real fighting even during the warming up period. Goal of this part of training is to go over a greatest possible number of drills, technical part is not so important here. Intention is that practitioners are gradually and specifically guided in to the world of real fighting right in the begging of the training.

Those are real fighting exercises in pairs, tries or larger groups by which we develop earlier mentioned capabilities and turned them in to the specific IS levels. Intensity of exercise here is maximal from first to last moment of practice. That means turbo power from first to last second of drills. These drills are direct training of MPM in practice. So the theories from the paper are here in the practical appearance. That’s why those drills are so strong and fast developing. You will be amazed how very quickly you can develop all component of MPM and physical and technical capabilities with real drills. Real drills are not supposed to be practiced on every training session. Those drills have to be practiced in special training sessions.
Some of those drills are: take a punch and fight, fall down stand up and fight, hit from ground stand up and fight, fight against everybody, take the knife, gun, rifle, baton drill, hit and run, avoid confrontation.

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