The fastest and easiest way to develop aggression is FIGHTING YELL combined with physical exercise.  From that fighting yell you will develop and transfer all needed energy, power, courage and fear release, all in one tiny part of second. In that way you will efficiently surprise attacker and win the fight. How will you do that? This is accomplished only troughs practice. Trough your regular practice of IS you should force yourself to yell on every aggressive moment that you make during the training. You have to experiment and to learn to produce your unique yell, which will fit your voice possibilities, body and mind. It is important o know that this yell should come from whole your body, and that the core of this shout-yell is in your lower abdomen. This yell is ultimate shout of all others, and when it is done properly it will bring you to the state of peace of mind and to the perfect harmony between your body, mind, surroundings and attacker. This yell bring you to the state without emotions that will disturb you and in the same time in to the state full of emotions that will benefit you.

If you use this yell on regular basis at your trainings sessions its power will grow, and its positive influence on you will grove to. Only thing that you should do is to YELL when attacking, counter attacking, do the strength exercises and so on, and to experiment with that yell, to find the best one for you. It is possible that you will develop a different yell for many different situations. This yell has great power; it turns to aggressive, angry, nervous persons in to the calm balanced persons, it brings equilibrium between aggressiveness and calmness, it brings to you perfect harmony and empowers you to act without fatal mistakes. If you are without will and angry, if you are shy and fearful this yell will perfectly balanced these emotions and empower you to act to get in action with confidence, power and explosiveness or with deadly calm, dependable on various situations in front of you. You will be without fear, without blind fury, in control and without freezing effect of your mind and body.

Trough training of the fighting yells, all of human shaken emotions will come at their natural balance, and you will become relaxed, calm, strong and efficient. While you perform techniques of IS at every attack move shout loudly your fighting yell (AAAAA, HIAAA, ISAAA, HAAA, OAAA, or something like this), This will turn you in to the fierce attacking machine. Attacker will start to think that it is impossible to defend from you, and he will fall as he was struck by 50 AE caliber (12.7 mm) with hollow point. The attacker will feel the fear and surprise then and that’s enough to smash him/her/them. You can practice FIGHTING YELL and solo without practicing techniques in the same time. Find yourself some nice place where you will not disturb anyone with your yelling and concentrate on the situation, visualize in your mind your fighting yell and that when you shout the attacker in front of you will freeze himself in owe for a sec. When practicing, take some natural stance in standing position and take a deep breath trough your nose and strongly shout your unique yell. The first breath before yell should be deep and long, but in time try to decrease time for inhaling, and try to do the exercise with 5 sec. of inhaling and then shout.
You have to try to shout from natural relaxed position of the body, without too strong muscle contraction. In the IS, techniques are composed in a manner that after you done them most of attackers will fall down non capable for further conflict, or fight. That is accomplished with strong and powerful performance of techniques. During your exercising you always should give maximum of your abilities behind the techniques, and this have to be done always when exercising, Only correct way to practice IS is full power, maximal speed motion with FIGHTING YELL in every part of IS techniques. Of course before that is possible you should first learn the movements, slowly studying them analytically if necessary. This part of your learning is done in slow pace but once you learn the techniques then it must be performed in the real fight manner as your life is at the stake here and now. From hat rule of IS training you will not follow only if you are injured, or your partner is, so someone can bear and do the full power-speed motions. This will turn you into more aggressive, calmer of mind and lots danger person.

You have to practice a special state of mind, body and soul that is called: NO SURRENDER ATTITUDE.
That means that you will never stop fighting, moving, attacking, even then when you receive blow from attacker, you must ignore it and fight further as nothing was happened to you. Of course that doesn’t mean that you will let someone to kick/punch/grab/ hold… you. The point is that when a blow or something painful is received you must ignore the pain, the blow and not to make painful sounds like aaahhh, oooo, auuuu and so, you must not take a look of the injured or painful spot or reaching for that spot with your arms. The most fatal mistake would be to scream in pain, look at your injuries and grab-hold the painful spot, because if attacker sees your weakness he will proceed with attack and he/she will most probably win.

When you are in fight if you grab, hold you grab-hold only attacker body, if you look, you look only at the attacker, if you yell you yell only at attacker, and never grab, hold, yell, look at yourself. Your attention has to be at the attacker only, and not on you. You have to fight to the end, and end is your victory, no matter what situation looks like, no matter how many of attackers are in front of you, all of that are just passing things.  It is often happened that people are programmed to surrender. By their negative thoughts, such as: “O if he strikes me at the face I am gone.” Or “Ah, no one can endure that.” Eeee-wrong, YOU CAN ENDURE ALL THAT AND YOU HAVE TO FIGHT IN AND DESTROY THE ATTACKER. It is often happened that people by themselves put the limitations and negative thoughts before them, and then these negativities are further developed during the training. When they/you see the punch coming at your face, jaw, nose or wherever, in a split of second you can think: “o it is finished over, ahh, uhh, “ and in your mind you did received that punch and your fall down and lose the fight and to imagine all of the terror before it is actually landed  on you. And that kind of picture you carry with yourself at your training or in the real combat. That picture is consequences of your negative thinking process and IT HAS TO BE DESTROYED. Whit this negative thoughts you only can lose precious time to evade the incoming attack-attacker with some body movement.

Important to remember is that you can always evade and escape from attack with some of simple body movement such as; ducking, sideways evading, torsion spot turning, leaning to the side or back, amortizing, redirecting, stopping or rolling away, and during this evading you have to attack in the same time. In your mind or at your mind always has to be strong will to fight and win at any price, strong will for special IS way of fighting in which there is no surrender, no thoughts about surrendering, pain, fear or effects of attackers blow. You will survive, because your knowledge of IS is with you, and attacker will be destroyed.    
In relation of my current job position (special force police officer), I have chance to often hear these kind of negative programming from my fellow officers such as: “Oh if I got shot with the bullet, I will fall down in pain and shock, and I will be totally terrified and surprised” and similar thoughts by professionals. My answer to them is “Yeah and you will die, and leave your unprotected family to the mercy of attacker.” I was shot once during my early special forces carrier and, from the bomb shrapnel’s, and I did not fall down in pain and terror, no, I did roll away from danger to shot back, fight, win and survive, without any negative thoughts about me being injured, my wounds were take cared later when situation was clear. So if your life or life of your love ones is at the stake you must not be stopped until the danger is neutralized, afterwards you can die in piece if you like. I don’t like to do that, and I assume neither do you.

By this we could conclude the chapter of PSI MANAGEMENT. Try to deeply install all of above mentioned in yourself, in your mind, thoughts, and actions, and try to use these methods in your daily life. Yes every day, because every day in today world is fight and struggle, with new challenges, which you can easily conquer with these methodology

For attacker there has to be vice versa; lots, lots, lots of pain, fear, terror, helplessness while he/she/they fly through air all in wonder with broken limbs.

 Instinctive Self Defense is giving you the unique system of tools to work with (arms, legs, and your body parts) and appropriate system of targets to hit with those tools. IS give you very important answers to your questions regarding that topic?

a.      Where to hit the attacker;
b.      Tools to hit with;
c.       How to defeat the attacker;

At the moment of attack, just remember what attacker is, in that moment he is not a person o human being, attacker is nice display of targets for you to hit, grab, tear, rip, brake, bite, smash, by using your IS techniques. That’s the attacker.

a. Where to hit the attacker;
At human body there are numerous vital spots to hit, for infliction of maximal damage. Some of them are sensitive to strikes, some for grabs, some for pressure, etc. Here we will take attention at only few of most important targets which are to be hit during fighting under stress.

This term where to hit, please try to comprehend only as a sign for numerous different techniques, not only to strike, hit, punch, kick, also as a targets to be grabbed, pressured, where to bite, etc.

Roughly divided in the basic Instinctive Self Defense there are only five most important targets to charge:

I – arms

II – head

III – neck

IV – genitals

V – Legs

Those targets you should remember and always to hit them during the fight. You should never perform your techniques in to the air, or any other parts of body, always firstly hit those main targets. Other targets could be protected with the clothes and even direct hit to them will not produce damage.

IS techniques will guide you through fight in a way that you will simultaneously hit two targets at the same times (e.g. arm and head), or in the worse case at least one of them. Other targets will be hit immediately after, during the fight. Why? Because one of guidance in creating of IS was  the scientifically proven idea of sport special movements (that means a small number of techniques which are practiced to the perfection and then athletes win theirs bouts with them over and over again).

Of course they have to be specific and adaptable to the situation, so that means they has to be simple. And then the sportsmen use always the same technique and he always win whit it. It is his/her best of the best technique. Training of these specific special movements has to develop not only ultimate fighting technique but and very variable tech that can adapt itself to any given task or fight plot in front of you.  So your training in the IS will result with your series of special movements that you can rely on every (no matter on external conditions) time to efficiently protect yourself and everybody else, and that will always hit the main targets without you thinking about it: “O what to hit now?” and without any mistake.

Pictures down: Some of basic IS targets 

Pictures down: Other IS targets; 1. back, 2. front side

List of other targets:

1.      toes
2.      shin
3.      sole
4.      knee
5.      thigh
6.      hip joint
7.      spine
8.      groin
9.      pubic bone
10.  lower abdomen
11.  ribs
12.  side of body
13.  armpit
14.  upper arm
15.  lower arm
16.  elbow
17.  fingers and upper palm
18.  plexus
19.  thorax bone
20.  neck
21.  chin
22.  eyes
23.  nose
24.  ears
25.  Jaw
26.  cheek bones
27.  temple
28.  nape
29.  top of the shoulder
All targets are white in white color. It is obvious that almost whole body is a nice system of targets. You don’t have to remember those targets, because they will all be attacked during your counter attacks, while you fight with your IS techniques. Every specific technique is targeting some combination of those targets. For example, while counter attacking a fist punch, you don’t have to remember, that you should first have to hit the arm, and then the head, and then the groin, etc…All you need to know is yours IS techniques, and in those techniques is hidden knowledge about where to hit. You will be able to hit at least two point at once and sometimes even three points at once. IS techniques will lead you through targeting and hitting of these points without need to know what point, when to hit.

b. Whit what to hit the attacker
Tools- could be expression for whole set of skills at IS and for body parts used for counter attacking. But there is no dilemma about this if we say that IS techniques are tools for the job? In the IS your body is weapon, whole your body is at attack. Please bare this in mind like a 1000% truth. All of IS movements are means of attack and for counter attack.

First of all, Your MIND is Your Weapon Number One. Trough IS PSI MANAGEMENT; you will turn your mind into a fierce weapon for fighting.

Second weapons are all your body parts. Head, arms, legs, fingers, palms, heels, toes, chest, back, elbows …

Third weapons are your every day instinctive movements that you are not aware of.

c. How to defeat attacker? 
Answer is by using brutal and danger IS techniques, tactics and PSI MANAGEMENT.

Tactics is an ability that you can always think and act for one step in front of your opponent.

The most important tactics of IS is a wisdom of avoiding attacks in everyday life. Your goal has to be avoiding confrontations in which you can be attacked. That is sometimes difficult, sometimes impossible but most of the times you can do it. When you walking down the street if you really don’t have to go through dark alleys, parking lots, parks, dark building entrances, basements, forests, etc…don’t go through there. Try to avoid by any means possible confrontation in disco bars, taverns, night bars and around them.

If you spot a group of people of suspicious behavior try to avoid them, to go around them, go with the group of other peoples. First step of avoiding attacks is that you when traveling outside simply don’t go to the dangerous places, and avoid dangerous peoples and to avoid confrontations at workplaces.

If you don’t have another choice and you have to go through danger places, to pass by danger peoples than you have to show with your posture (not looking as a dangerous person) to eventual attackers that you are not an easy target, you have to be aware of every possible danger around you. You mustn’t look like a victim, because attackers are always seeking an easy prey to destroy. Don’t look dangerous, either because you might provoke a challenge, as always there are people that looking for that kind of trouble.

You have to look like self confident human being, who is aware of him/her self, of your surroundings, of your knowledge of IS fighting, and of eventual attackers. If you did comprehend a PSI MANAGEMENT of IS, basic IS techniques and tactics, then you will most definitely project around yourself confidence, calmness, firmness, and it will be obvious that you are not easy target.

But sometimes even that will not work, and you will have to fight. If it is anyhow possible try to avoid attack by talking, by giving the attacker what he/she – they want. Try to find out what attacker want of you, but be in constant motion, never stop for even a second, you always have to move around even by inches. In that way you will be much faster when you have to start your counter attack.

During the conversation with attacker never reveal your knowledge of fighting, or that you have this or that weapon, these things must be surprises for the attackers. Never let that attackers make you blind from your own anger and fury, you will lose control of your motion, techniques and calmness. In that state you will do mistakes when fighting and attacker will easily smash you. You have to that to him, to make him/her to make mistakes, to wrongly asset the situation and then you will smash him/her/them.

Most of the street attacks are beginning with verbal confrontation. You can avoid that simply by agreeing with attacker, not to get offended, and all of verbal abuse just in your mind direct toward yourself, without emotional content about them. During verbal attack you have to be aware of every move that attacker make, or want to make, because he can in any moment jump at you, you have to be ready for that. If this doesn’t happen that’s great, but if it does, you are still ready. If the attack is unavoidable, because attacker is coming right at you, and there is no way to avoid, talk, escape, there is no possibility of going around the danger, if there is no chance for not to engaged in the fight, WELL THEN YOU HAVE TO ATTACK  FIRST. Always be aware of your position, of attacker position, try to ensure some obstacles between you and your attacker/s, and try to go as far away from the attacker.

To avoid sudden attacks and ambushes you have to develop FIGHTING MODE PERCEPTION (FMP). Fighting mode perception is state of awareness of danger from distance. It is state of mind by which you can see and feel the danger situations, danger people, danger movements, danger of any kind in general. Danger places and people have some dark, strange energy so you have to try to feel it. But learning of FMP has to be done at the training sessions thought various scenarios of possible attacks, dangers and combinations—like role play scenarios – counter attacker has to figure out who of us from group in front of him will attack him first…or some similar scenarios.

The basic of fighting tactics is: NEVER LET YOURSELF TO BE Surprised. Surprise is always a great shock and it will greatly slow you down, and greatly enhance chances for attacker to win. Do everything you possibly can to not be surprised by attacker.

We can just for easier comprehending of fighting danger situation and tactics divide the fight in to a few categories. But remember this division is just in theory, real fight is a live thing, with great speed, dynamics, changes and turnovers of situation and there is no single one 100 % rule that might be applied to street fight. So theoretically tactics can be viewed through:

1.   Mind fight (psychological management, verbal attacks, counter attacks on verbal attacks, avoiding verbal attacks, getting attacker in state of blind fury and out of control, using verbal attack on attacker…).

2.   Close combat (counter attacks in close range while standing).

3.   Ground combat (counter attacks from various ground fighting attacks).

4.   Furious attacks (sudden attack on attacker, during verbal phase, during some pushing).

5.   Counter attacks from difficult positions, (while sitting in chair, car, wheelchair, bike, motorbike, while lying in the bed, sleeping, walking up or downstairs, on ice, snow, mud, trees, and multiple attackers.

6.   Weapons; (counter attacks from sticks, knives, guns, rifles, fighting with this entire weapon…)

7.   Hand attacks (pure had attacks, but combined with low leg kick, and take downs)

8.   Leg attacks (pure leg attack with low leg kicks combined with holds and takedowns).

9.   Combine attack (arm and leg, or leg and arm combine attacks and take downs).

10.   Do not compete with your opponent in strength, speed or techniques. Don’t act with
strength and force on strong attack, or speed, or techniques. Do not box with boxer, do not kick with a good kicker, and do not grapple with a grappler. If they want to do that, you have to do totally opposite. Always try to evade and redirect power of attack beside you and then counter attack.

During the fight you have to know that there are a mechanical fighters and intelligent fighters. You have to be intelligent fighters. Intelligent fighter will change his tactics in order to adapt to situation that he is in. On basis of situation overview and on the basis of evaluation of attacker/s the intelligent fighter will create unique tactics for that particular situation by using his knowledge of IS PSI management, AMS, IS tactics, and so on. This tactic has to be carried out in a split of a second.

It is important that you always apply totally opposite tactics of that one of your attacker. IS combat tactics can be explained in just three words: SEEK AND DESTROY? You seek, find targets on attackers and destroy them and him. That is all happening at sub consciousness level because techniques and tactics and training drills of IS are derived in that way.

The most important thing in your tactics has to be that you use the most dangerous movement for your attacker/s. In various tactical drills of IS you will always practice counter attack and attack. Sometimes you will practice just attack without any previous attack on you. IS does not know for defensive movements, blocking or defending, or defense. There is only attack; you always have to attack the attacker.


Those two are very closely connected, and one evolves from other. If you automate tactics of IS you have automate and PSI management, and then you can be sure of 100% surge in your survival. Let’s see an example where tactics and IS techniques merge together in our minds to create a real fighting state of mind.

Important part of PSI management and tactics is to accept a fact that you might get attacked in any moment of your life, even when you feel safe, nice and comfortable in the security of your homes, so you have to know that attack might happen anytime-anywhere, even, when you are surrounded with best friends or relatives. Always bear that in mind.

That doesn’t  mean that you will be all the time of your life on or at guard, and constantly watching and expecting an attack, be nervous, looking through windows and so on. Nobody can do that and have a normal life. This is important that you do have this in your mind and when attack or some stressful situation is coming or suddenly happened you will not be too much surprised, you will be able to act and you will not be shocked and freeze, you will stay enough calm, and that is enough for difference between life and death.

Basic principles of tactics of IS:

1.      Never assume anything, either you know or you don’t know.
2.      Trust to your instincts, if you feel that you will be attacked attack first.
3.      Never fight fairr.
4.      Do everything to win.
5.      Never go back, always go in to the attacker.
6.      Be explosively mobile.
7.      Watch on distance and angle of you toward attacker.
8.      Always watch your surroundings.
9.      Control the fight and watch space behind your back.
10.  Know what is behind you, below you, above you, in front.
11.  No rules everything is allowed.
12.  Attack continuously until attacker is totally neutralized.
13.  Firs strike-last strike, you don’t have to be stronger or faster than your attacker, it is important to be one step in front of attacker, which is to hit him first. That hit will if nothing else de-concentrated or get out of balance and give you enough time to attack.
14.  Every hit you make has to be real and strong, never do a lot s of weak fast hits, every hit, punch, kick has to be always full power, the strongest, and fastest, to be able to make as much damage to your opponent.
15.  No one can touch you without your approval, always move, evade and do counter attack.

When fight for your life at the street you have to accomplish: extreme aggressiveness, explosive mobility, fearlessness, felling to understand and anticipate movement of your attacker, concentrated thought, psi management, timing… that all you will accomplish by practicing IS. Techniques that we practice in the IS are spontaneous fast, instinctive and explosive. From the beginning main point is on the psychological management and all others component of tactics, aggressive mental stand and all parts of IS. All these components are accomplished trough systematic training and special drills.

It is important to maximize every move of your body in order to make maximum damage on your attacker. You have to realize trough your own experience the mechanic of every IS technique, and then use whole your body weight in every move that you make when hitting but from a super balanced stance. While you fight try to hit and continue to attack without stopping, if you miss, just keep on going further like unstoppable train or tank, always moving in to the attacker, until he is totally disabled. Always act as attacker is armed, as there is more than one attacker and never concentrate just on one attacker and by using your peripheral vision, even during the fight try to spot other dangers from around you.

We could divide fight on few parts, but this is only in theoretical purposes, because real fight cannot be divided, it is a live process of constant changes.

-          hand fighting
-          leg fighting
-          standing grappling, throwing, poking, biting, scratching, pushing, puling
-          ground fighting, all above mentioned but while on the ground in any position,
-          combined fighting,
-          Distance fighting, throwing projectiles, guns, knives…

In other Martial Arts the most of preparation or practice is just for one of these above mentioned area of fighting. In the IS we prepare ourselves for any area, range or kind of fighting. So while studying IS you will be able to fight with no preference of range, or area, or place, or conditions. We practice to fight with any weapon available without any weapon; the point is that for you will be no preference of fighting, you will like any kind of fighting.

Stance- relaxed and natural.

Breathing-deep, inhale through nose, exhale trough mouth, do not suppress your breathing, let attacker see that we breathe deeply, in that way we feed our muscles and min with necessary energy needed for fighting. Deep breathing will calm you, and will fool attacker, he will think that you are very afraid. You have to be ready to severe damage your attacker/s. Sometimes, more sometimes les but always damage him, them.

Also you have to be aware that you might and probably will get hurt, sometime les, sometime more, you have to be ready for fact that you will bleed and be in pain. It is ugly reality, but those are just normal things that are happening while you are engaged in fighting. Unfortunately no one is untouchable. You have always to be aware of that and the fact that you are not untouchable will not fall hard on you, but for the most people of this planet you will be very, very difficult touchable.

            In order to accomplish that kind of readiness it is important to practice receiving blows in to your body, but and delivering blows, pokes, braking the bones in practical way. It is totally different to really break somebody arm in the elbow joint and to just hold the joint lock at the practice. It has to be practiced as real as possible. To be able to sting the thumbs in somebody eyes and brain you have to practice above level of your regular raining, cause you cannot o that on your partner, you have to practice on various surface, fruits, boards and materials. This has to be realistic, so you can feel almost for real the braking bones, blood splattering and sensations when fingers are in someone skull. It is done trough special IS preparations. Also be aware that everything for real is at least ten times harder to do than it is at our regular practice-and all of your IS techniques are designed with that fact behind, so they will work in a stressful situations.

You also have to realize that if you were forced to injure attacker/s during the attack at you or your family, you are not guilty for anything, before yourself you must not feel bad or guilty. It is attacker to blame, because it is possible that you might end up in dirt somewhere injured or deceased and that is not an option here. It is attacker to blame, because of his stupidity he will get hurt. Do not take any words of other people as a right ones, you have right to protect yourself and the weak ones, so it is always better that you are not hurt and attacker is, than vice-versa. It is better even to go in to the jail than in to the graveyard.

You have to realize that when you fighting for your life anything from this conventional convenient world does not matter. It is not important who you are, what is your political, social, or status function, it is not important how politically or monetary powerful are you, are you filthy rich or just a pure guy/girl from the corner, no matter the great or worse car you drive. Than is important only to take action, survive and win the fight, and to safely leave from the scene of attack.

Before or during fight admit to yourself that you are scared, remember that adrenaline shook effects are not fear, and remember that IS is fearlessness and that it is chemistry of our organism in order to protect us and to guard us. This is natural action of our body when we are in danger and with deep breathing combined with constant moving and body motions you will get out from that fear crisis, so you will be able to control your body, mind and fight.

If you don’t have, or if you can - to not show your fear it is very good, but if you cannot then feel freely to breathe deeply, from your stomach, concentrate yourself on inhale and exhale, watch your attacker and surroundings and when it is right moment just explode in attack. Never stand in the one spot motionless and talk with would be attacker. While standing you are sitting duck easy to kill, your time to act in the counter attack is much longer than while you are in constant motion. While you are motionless you waist time for fast moving and while you are in motion you are already in motion so you are faster and harder to hit, catch, or surround. 

So you always have to move, never stand in one spot, always move even by inches, sometimes it will be enough to save your life. Never stop in one place to talk to suspicious persons because, while you are being engaged with talk others attackers might get behind your back to attack you. So move, talk while walking fast around, or by side, or trough potential attackers and don’t stop, watch on the all suspicious persons and go, so they can not surprise you, you are expecting surprise and you making habit to spot and avoid danger in such manner.

If they force you to stop, you then from safe distance try to evaluate, talk and leave, if you can’t then attack first, destroy, win and leave. If you have to stop, first rule is: TURN YOUR BACK TO THE WALL; have all of the attackers at your sight, move your feet and body, inch by inch or more, front back, left right, do not stand still, if there is no way out attack first.

If you are pushed to the corner, also do not stop to move, go toward the attackers, then back, act like very scared, cry if you need, but under these mask watch carefully  on everything, so you are in moving ambush and when attacker make wrong move, you have to attack.

To accomplish that level of self confidence you have to practice from every possible and impossible situation to make counter attack and to win, that mean while you are lying, sitting, walking, from the back…If you can always use any convenient object from your surroundings to help you in fight (sticks, stones, ashtrays, bottles…). Also be aver of the fact that fight is never over with just one kick, punch, grab.

You have to practice fight in a way of terminating the fight only when the attacker/s is/are lying down at the ground, dirt, table, fence, wherever totally un-capable for further attacking. THERE IS NO RULES, USE EVERYTHING TO WIN. Everything what is near and handy can be used as weapon, your purse, cell phone, belt, jacket, grocery bag, keys, umbrellas, chairs, billiard sticks, bottles, broken glass (you smash the window of the shop and take a piece of glass to fight with, that will also make great noise and trigger alarm of the store) so the people around and the police or security will come. Practice that you can with one look spot all the practical stuff that can be used as weapons.

If you want to rise you’re IS to a greater level of efficiency you have to learn to fight beyond normal level of your endurance, beyond the point of total exhaustion. That you will manage to done only with hard training without any rest, and with long period of intensive workout. In the fight for your life, you must attack until attacker is moving even for an inch, because if you shortly put attacker out of fight he will recover to fight again.

Most important rule of tactic of IS: DON’T GET HURT, DON’T GET KILLED.

That means destroy attacker, broke his arms, legs, bones, poke his eyes, bite the flash of him, do all that and don’t get hurt. Be prepare to go to jail if needed but survive and win, because from jail you will come back but from graveyard you will never be back again. If you let yourself to be killed your family is also half dead, no one to take care about your family, no matter are you father, mother, brother or sister.

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