Attack, what is it? That is very important question. From the IS point of view, attack is: the situation when another human being do is blocking all current activities of you and your love ones or some other persons, either physically, verbally or combined. That mean, when you have to stop all of yours current activity or motion while you’re going somewhere (work, school, out, cinema, etc.), or doing something (working, sleeping, walking around, cycling, traveling, etc.) because someone is stopped you either physically (by standing in your way), or by speech, gestures, or with any other type of behavior, and you have to change your motion pattern, stop, turn to avoid, no matter that no one is try to punch you yet, this is attack, and attack at you and all of those with you if you are not alone. Attack could be masked in the politeness: “O miss could you please tell me what s the time? And then: bum, bum, your mine now…So in short attack is any and every kind of violent behavior toward you or someone else.

Attack at the street or some other place has its own dynamics and it s way of happening. When we analyze that way of happening it is easier to understand the act of attack on you or your love ones. Attack is act of violence, and violence is something that majority of people do not understand, and fear the most. That violence is painful, affecting the mind of the people, inducing fear and leaving lifetime tracks of damage. It is time to put the end to this. But the only one that can help in this is just one person = YOURSELF. To understand the violence means to understand attacker. Understand his needs – attackers are attacking from various needs – needs for money, needs for domination, ill needs to molest others ---insane needs to kill, fear of other persons so he/she is forced to attack, planed attacks and robberies, planed attacks for kidnapping.  

Motives of the attack are different:
  • The attacker wants your property; you are only an obstacle to him that he must overcome to get what he wants.
  • Attacker want only your body, he need you for his enjoyment, in causing you pain and suffering.
  •  Attacker wants your body and your property, he need you for victimize, and you can or may not survive.
  •  Attacker wants your life, he need you to take your life away, from only to him known reasons.
  •  Attacker wants something of above to do to somebody else, someone from your family or to a total stranger.
You will notice that we are dealing here with very serious matter. We are only dealing with the attacks where life is I constant danger. Those are the only attacks which are in field of interests in Instinctive Self Defense. But, when you will be able to understand these attacks you will also get a better understanding of easier attacks like pushing, slapping, and psychological verbal attacks and so on. Instinctive Self Defense is equally usable to these kind of attacking, you will just use a lesser amount of force whit same techniques. This means that your counter attack will be “lighter” when you are not attacked in strong and deadly way. But and these easier ways of attacking could be just beginning and foreplay into the most deadly attack.  For example the attacker could hold your hand, clothes, hair, belt, leg or neck in order to hold and control you while he punch you with other hand, leg, stab with knife etc., or to hold you while someone else is going to beat, iron bar you, or stab you. So the IS techniques are always the same just the level of force that you will use is different.
Attackers could be divided in to the many types, but this is not necessary. In IS we divided them in two categories:

1. Family attackers – those are all the men, women, younger or older persons whom physically and physiologically abuse their family members (children’s, older persons, wives, husbands, relatives…). This sort of deserve to “die” attackers is great in numbers all over the world.
2. The street attackers – These are weather known or unknown persons to you which can and will attack you at the street. Street is in the IS defined as all places and spaces where you are going and stopping in the way from one place to another. That are sidewalks, parking places, squares, parks, halls, lifts, cars, garages, bars, discos, building entrances, staircases, yards, woods, working places, during night go outs and so on.

No matter which category of attacker are attacking you or someone else, it is important to grasp, to understand and remember that all of them are sociopath and psychologically sick, ill and ruthless people without any compassion at all, and that THEY HAVE TO BE STOPPED RIGHT AWAY AT THEIR FIRST ATTEMPT OF ATTACK.

Those persons know only the law of force, and that is what they will get out from us. For us, me and you the motives of attacks are not relevant, because we cannot to understand this type of behavior. You didn’t do anything to anybody and there is no reason neither human neither legal to someone have right to abuse or attack you, if he/she does, well then, he/she has to experience the pain and suffering and ultimate defeat. The attack is in its basics divided in to the tri main categories:

1.      Surprise attacks.
       Here everything is clear. This is attack to you that begins without your knowledge or anticipation of attack, suddenly without any notice. Off course you cannot let this happen. In the IS the practice is created in such way that we always practice the counters from sudden surprise attacks. We practice also that our answer is sudden surprise counter attack. In that way we drastically shorten surprise time and effect. This is pure physically attack which can turn in to the verbal or combined physical and verbal attack.

2.      Verbal attack.
 It is an attack only by words and threatening gests that accompanied these words. Main tool of this kind of attack are the very loud threatening words. For example: “I will kill you,” “I will smash your head,” “You fool, what are you doing out there, come here, I will break your bones, your mine, I own you, you stupid fuck,” and other various ways of verbal abuse but without any physical contact. When this is happening to you just remember: “THE INSULT OF THE FOOL DOES NOT OFFEND THE HONEST MAN.” 

You will win this attack if you just in your thoughts redirect this stream of aggression beside you. You do not attach yourself to the words spoken, just redirect them, and let them pass beside you, watch the attacker closely, watch on the signs of attack and redirect every word spoken in to the empty space near you. You will see how funny is this, when you manage to redirect the aggression and when you just carefully look at attacker how he losing control over the situation and himself.

3.      Verbal – Physical attack.
It is very easy to explain this attack. First you are exposed to the verbal attack by which the attacker lifts his courage, and when he get enough courage then he attack physically. During the physical attack he will verbally abuse you. Most attacks at the street are starting just at this way, if it is not surprise attack. Verbal attack could be and part of tactics which is meant to scare you and put you in his control.

Potential attacker reveals his intention to attack you by small signs of his body. Those are the specific body movements just before attack. This mean that every attacker before actual attack emit some signs whit his body, and sometimes whit his verbal yelling try to mask this signs. You have to learn how to see this signs with one fast, firm look without watching in just one part of the opponent. If you concentrate yourself to just one part of the attacker body, let’s say hands, you will not be able to see in time the incoming attack probably with legs. I think that you get the picture. You have to see attacker in his whole size and to sot this body signs that almost always precede the actual attack. In most cases these attackers are stupid enough, so they by themselves give away this signs to us by their unconscious movements. All we have to do is to recognize them in time.


1.      Sign – fist, fists clenching,

2.      Sign – sudden opening of eyes, nose or mouth or in any combination,

3.      Sign – sudden closing of eyes, mouth, nose,

4.      Sign - obvious aggressive looking at you, eye contact,

5.        Sign – Sudden facial snatch, tilt eyes clenching,

6.      Sign – sudden air inhalation,

7.      Sign – sudden yell of unarticulated sound,

8.      Sign – body turn to the side, preparing to punch or kick,

9.      Sign – sudden shoulder tilt, with one or both,

10.  Sign – small jump or body tilt before the attack,

11.  Sign – sudden running at you with fast steps,

12.  Sign – hidden arm behind the body, verbal attack and closing, signs that attacker has hidden weapon behind him.

You have to watch the attacker, and to spot one of this signs, if you spot just one of them this mean that he will attack right after the sign. Sometimes you will be forced to attack first, then try to avoid all above mentioned signs. You have to try to attack totally suddenly, without any prior notice. The whole Instinctive Self Defense has to be practiced in this manner. This mean that all your movement is necessary to perform without any prior notice with your face, eyes, arms, legs or whole body.

Attacks could be done with or without weapons. Attacker could have a hidden weapon and first try to verbally attack you to get closer to stab you with the knife. In this moment it is not so relevant is the attacker armed or not, because in the principles of our techniques attacker is always considered as: armed and dangerous as a most lethal force. So the techniques of is counter attacks are basically the same with armed and unarmed attacker. You try to pay close attention to the attack signs, and keep in mind that they come in any combination, any sign could be combined with any other, and there is no rule about this. Practice that with your partner, one should do the signs and attack afterwards and another should try to counter.

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