Founder of Instinctive Self Defense at his Afghanistan tour: - helping Local Police Forces at securing posts, forward operational bases, border lines, offence/defense and police work.

Gordan Krajacic aka Gordon Enderson is Martial Artist, Professor of Physical Education, Warrior, Master of Martial Arts and Special Police Force Officer, rank Captain. Military rank Colonel. He is also a writer of educational handbooks and textbooks of Martial Arts. Mr. Enderson study and live by the codes of Martial Arts Philosophy all his life. In his Country, among common people he is a legend and inspiration for all. He started to write warious textbooks and wise toughts as a teenager around 1984-till nowadays, he study Martial Arts exactly 34 years consecutive, and he is truly great Master.

Gordon Enderson lives in Croatia, and continues to act as a real man of Sword and Pen, and now here he is for international attention.

From year 1990. Master Enderson devoted himself to develope his own unique Martial Art: Instinctive Self Defense. After years of studying, compiling, inventing and after years of many turmoil (Croatian War and conected personal tragedies) at year 2003 Instinctive Self Defense has taken its complete shape and Mr. Enderson started to teach in public. He already was accomplished Martial Artist, Trainer and Professional so teaching his own new system was easy for him and very popular in public.

Martial Arts biography of Master Enderson starts in 1977. with Shotokan Karate, over Full Contact Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Box, Ninjutsu, Jiu Jitsu, Military Combat, Police Self Defense, Kuk Sool Won, Kuk Sool Do, real Street fighting, bouncing, security work, body guarding, war experience, international mission experience.

End of biography is Instinctive Self Defense. System based on real life and real battles, 5 years of war expirience and real wins in real fights. He is still engaged in real life fights and battles as Special Police Officer while doing arresting, anti raid work and international missions. So all of his knowledge comes from real fights of today and that is guarantee that his system works – because it is constantly tested in real life and death situations.

Total martial arts bigrphy of Grandmaster Gordan Krajacic:
Street fighting - early phase: 1978. - 1986.
Street fighting - middle phase: 1986. - 1990.
Street fighting - golden phase: 1990. - 1996.
Street fighting - offical phase: 1997. - 2013 and further.

1978.- 1982.: Karate
1982. - 1986.: Full Contactc
1986.- 1999.: Tae Kwon Do
1988. - 2010.:Kuk Sool, Kuk Sul Won, Kuk Sul Do

Paralel with basic Martial Arts:
1990. - 2013. i dalje: Police and military self defense - offense
1991. - 1996.:Judo, Box, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu
1990. - 2013. and further: complete developement of Martial Arts system: Instinctive Self Defense

from: 1997.: 2. DAN Black Belt - WTF Tae Kwon Do
from: 2002.: 1. DAN Black Belt - Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts
from: 2008.: 4. DAN Black Belt - Kuk Sul Do Martial Arts under Sung Kon Lim

Police Self Defense Instructor
Founder of: Instinctive Self Defense
2012: Founder of: - CROBRAN - Croatian Warriors Arts - Chroatum Bransk Poved
About Gordon Enderson compiled Mario Tusek, Ninjutsu Master Dan, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, Croatia, Pakrac

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