Instinctive Self Defense is a way of defending oneself or others from every possible attack. It is a system of fighting developed solely on the basics of the real street fights and from the study of Instinctive Human Motions, Physiology, Bio mechanics  Physiology and Kinesiology. That study is made during the everyday life and during the fighting under stress. As a system it is composed from bodily techniques that are called Instinctive Self Defense (IS in further text). 

Instinctive Self Defense has goal to make possible to people who never had any Martial Arts training or other exercising to efficiently protect themselves and their love ones, so that they could safely walk through this dangerous world. Here I think on children, older people, younger people, literally on all people. Instinctive Self Defense is tailored for every one of them, so that in the real world the weakest could overcome and win the fight against the larger and stronger opponent.

As long time instructor of Martial Arts, I want to offer to all my students very simple but effective techniques of fighting that they could use to defend themselves right after the first training session. There was a need to teach my students how to fight in an easy, simply way and without any Martial Arts movements in it, and that it is fast learn-able  right after their first training. It was my intention that these people go safely and sound to their homes.

Instinctive Self Defense is a great EVOLUTION and great value for all mankind, especially for all parents who are interested in how to protect their children’s and to make possible to them to protect them. As a parents we could not any more without any concern let our kids to go out to have some fun, we are every day in bigger fear for their safety. Should someone attack them, what if someone tries to mug, kidnap, and rape, kill them.

Unfortunately to our kids, there are in every step of their young lives threats and dangers of drugs, alcohol, violence, rapes, kidnapping and molesting. With this book we could prevent that, and teach our children’s how to protect themselves, learn them to have a great self confidence and wisdom for safety. Instinctive Self Defense is very simple and easy to learn and apply so only right thing for me to do was to publish it so that all people from all over the world has their chance to efficiently stud up against molesting and violence of any kind and shape.

Instinctive Self Defense is a completely new system of fighting that is created with one purpose only and that is: To help you to survive real attacks on your life, or life of your closet ones on the street, to survive and to win the fight by any means.

Using the word: “at the street,” I would like to stress that this is just expression for all others spaces where you usually live, work and passing through. So besides the real streets these spaces are also and various kinds of halls, staircases, lifts, cars, shopping centers, garages, bars and their inner and close surroundings, your working places and unfortunately even your houses and flats, dark alleys, areas behind the building blocks, schoolyards, school areas in and out, buses  trams, taxi cars, subway trains and stations. But don’t full your selves, attack at your life could be even in the mid of the day at the some square full of people, and probably no one will help you. That is reality of life.

If you think that this is happening to someone else you are dead wrong. As long as you are alive there is danger for you to be attacked even if you sit the whole day at your home. At the big cities the statistics show us that every inhabitant will be attacked by deadly force once in their lives, and the percentage is 90% that it will be you. And these data are already too old to be correct, the current situation is even worse. 

To think:”It would not happen to me” doesn't stand, and is one of most basics reasons of victims physical freezing and dying in the wonder: „What is happening, this guy just stab me with the knife.” Yes my dear readers at the stakes are your lives and the lives of your love ones. If you think that you could protect them efficiently and safely, I am most sure that 99% of you couldn't do that, so it is finally time for you to start working on it. Not to think about it but to work on it, because the time to think is long gone, read the newspaper a bit. It is not so difficult as it seems, with the right tools, tactics, and proper psychology you can and you will be able to survive any kind of attack.

It is not needed any previous experience in training of any Martial Arts or in fact in anything. For learning IS there is no need for any especially developed abilities of your body such as a strength, muscle mass, speed, explosive power, agility and so on. These are abilities that are needed for athletes for efficiently competition in their sports. As less experience in some Martial Arts you have the easily you will teach yourself to act instinctively. 

Instinctive Self Defense is created for just a simple and average people, wife, child, and to the people that have no time to exercise every day, and for the systematic study of some complex Martial Arts and it all components such as:  strength training, katas, hyungs, joint locks and so on. Off course that exercising makes the master and that if you only read this book you cannot become the killing machine, but you will have an excellent guide trough a simple, efficient and brutal system of fighting for surviving all life threat situations that might occur during your lifetime. Instinctive Self Defense is pure blooded system of surviving the streets. In it the all efforts are made exclusively for your safety. 
Here we learn just that what with most efficiency will destroy our attacker/s and period. The goal of this book is to without any make up throw in your face the real street fight, without restraints and fine manners and models that in some other books demonstrate techniques in the perfect conditions of their gyms. This mean without any bull shit, just pure and brutal street fighting in a way as your attacker would like to beat you.

If you think that you could defend yourself in a nicer and gentleman way, just go on, I am sure that you will end up in the hospital. There is nothing cavaliering, fair, gentleman or nice when some child is molested, when someone is raped, beaten to death, or when someone is mugged, this kind of attack is always frightening brutal, surprising and intimidating. Well, the attacker should receive the twice as stronger answer to that kind of attack; he is the one who has to experience the shock, surprise, pain and brutality in the double amount of his own aggression. But be careful, this doesn't mean that you will break someone arms and legs just because some man has push you in your shoulder.

In all your actions you should take care about human life and about legality of your actions. Doing that you can at the end act as the greatest gentleman, being able to tear apart your attacker, because he is totally in your control, but you don’t, you spare his bones. Off course if he is persistent to get more he will get badly hurt. That is very possible with this book, but everyone should notice that the line between life and death is very thin when you fighting with someone for your life. So, if attacker or more of them force you to take their lives, in order to protect yours or someone else so let it be. You have to be ready for that, but you also have to be ready for legal penalties for your actions.

The IS based on the newest and hottest science data and discoveries. This include the science of  Kinesiology (the science of the movements), and to all connected sciences with the Kinesiology, such as Psychology, Anthropology, Bio-mechanics Basic Kinesiological transformations, Physiology, Didactic  Pedagogy and so on. The goal of implementing this science knowledge is that through simplicity and efficiency of Instinctive Self Defense the science can be at the service of all of us, ordinary people, not only in service of chosen one, scientists, governments or other specialized groups. For example the universal principle of Bio-mechanics (moving of your own body, moving of attacker body when stricken), Anatomy (easy to hurt points on the opponent), Psychology and Physiology (mental management, adrenal stress control), Kinesiology (motor stereotypes of movements), are these ones that always work and give results in any circumstances, in any places, on any person, in any time.

Doesn't matter the position you are in, doesn't matter what weapon the attacker has, doesn't matter how many of them are or how big they are. With IS you will be ready for everything. That is not all. Instinctive Self Defense is very suitable for smaller persons, except for men equally for woman and children. Trough IS every weaker person on this planet is getting equal, and they can whit out of fear going to their own way. But please use extreme carefulness, because when the basics principles of Instinctive Self Defense are understood, it is not for taking any practical jokes, demonstrations and duels. Instinctive Self Defense is very deadly system and any lack of control during the use of the INSTINCTIVE SELF DEFENSE might result in very bad or deadly injuries to the receiving side.

It is necessary to point that is was made and developed NOT FROM ANY MARTIAL ARTS KNOWN TODAY, and that it is 100 % CROATIAN PRODUCT, and that besides the latest science facts it is based only on real street fighting, war fighting, life fighting. Neither one movement in Instinctive Self Defense is not complicated Martial Arts techniques; all the movements are based on the instinctive human reactions that are in built in every one of you by your birth. 

These actions are the fastest, the most efficient. These instinctive movements are trough IS guided in to the fighting purposes, and what is the best off all we do not have to train and perfect them trough a long period of time in order to work in the fighting situations, they are already perfected. As soon as you learn how to use them, how to refresh them in the fighting way they are always there, and they always work.

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