First it is needed to be mentioned why the system presented here is named Instinctive Self Defense. It is named this way to correctly point out the exact nature of system, instinctive, street smart fighting system where in use only instinctive human movements are in order to survive any kind of attack.

Trough very long period of my life I was devoted in research of different fighting system and styles, and as a product of these research there was born a vision of or for developing a system of fighting that should be in use to all people which newer practiced any Martial Arts or sport, system that is easy to learn, the system that will help to “ordinary little persons” (regarding their physical condition) which is not by any means a superman to forever change a face of violence. Idea was to develop a total fighting system which could be used from all people regardless on their age, gender, physical state, regardless of experience in Martial Arts or talents for exercising.

 I think that all of us in one point of our lives were in situation where we wished some special abilities to be ours so we could easily and efficiently fight against some kind of unjustness. System, if it should to be so efficient has to be based on studying of the ways of the human movement. So it become exactly like this. Watch out, the human movement, not the animal movement as in some Martial Arts styles. Because of that my studying was directed in real street-fights, instinctive human motions, action-reaction and not some old strategies and legends. 

This studying please understand as real practical application on the street, bars, battlefields on my own skin, in disarming an armed attackers (where they carried guns, knives, rifles, bottles and so on). Now, some of that experience is in front of you.

The bare physical part of Instinctive Self Defense is very important but of the same importance is mental aspect of fighting and personality. So for that purpose I developed a special mind preparation system which is called: Mental   Power Management in short (MPM). MPM is the most neglected aspect of fighting and living a safe life in today Martial Arts training. 

The difference between lying down at the ground in the pool of our own blood and in the secure leaving on our own feet from the place of attack and fight is never in the bigger muscles, strength or number of techniques, the difference is in the understanding of the behavior, psychology and mechanics of violence. MPM in the Instinctive Self Defense is very simple and usable. It is based on all earlier mentioned sciences not only on the psychology.

 So trough a great deal of years of effort, studying, compiling, exercising and constant work the system called Instinctive Self Defense (IS in further text) was developed. This system is attended for usage only in the line between life and death. In the IS, there is no fair play; there is no code of honor toward our opponents or pride. Here we use all means to survive, protect and to come out of the fight without deadly wounds, and to help other peoples when they are in trouble. Instinctive Self Defense is developed entirely from and because these reasons, other esoteric reasons such as meditation, spiritual training and liberation are at second place. 

The primary objective is to quickly, efficiently learn to fight as the most fearless street-fighters of the world. The goal of Instinctive Self Defense is not to take you to spiritual enlightenment. But even IS could be the starting point for finding the way to get your own spirituality better known and revealed, because by the practicing of the IS you will become free, open minded and by this your spirit will be open to. 
 I noticed the great trend of similar evolution in the USA, Brazil, Canada, Europe even in China and Japan. There are lots of individual teachers and masters that have enough courage to make these changes and to withstand the criticism of the unreasonable peoples from the other Martial Arts. The praxis and theory should be changed, but to start these changes someone has to have great pair of big bolls…ops, sorry, great courage, if you know what I mean. 

I freely here claim that the 80 percent of those curriculums that is thought in today Martial Arts schools in the whole world is not usable at the street in the real attack at your life. From the point of our job it is outrageous and unfair to the people who trust their lives in to our hands. From my own experience I could tell you that there is great number of masters with black belts in Martial Arts that were very badly beaten in regular bar fights. And they all practice like hell, everyday. But that is not their fault, nor is the style of Martial Arts which they practice, no, blame is on their teachers and masters in many generations because they do not teach the real fighting.

All Martial Arts are in their essence efficient at the street, but on that way nobody is teaching anymore. For example there is frightening great number of people that practice self-defense from people whom do not teach the real fighting, but only a few fragment of it, such as just punching, or just kicking and few counter-attacks from the knife or holds. And this teaching is finished only on the one technique and one punch/kick at the end of it. If it is that so, then you learn from the teacher who is never been attacked, and who does not have any experience from street-fights. When you are suddenly attacked at the street, there is no way to defend yourself only with one joint lock or one punch, except if you are strong as a world champion in power lifting and good as Bruce Lee.

What I want to stress out here is that your counter attack has to have an adequate duration until total neutralization of your opponent. When you look at opponent on the floor curling in pain, or in total knockdown, only then the fight is over, in contrary you will most surely get badly hurt. Instinctive Self Defense doesn’t have all the answers, nor it is perfect, nor you will be turning in to the terminator supermen, but it has to offer you FRIGHTENING SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT SYSTEM OF FIGHTING THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.

So Instinctive Self Defense is here to point out the need for real practice in real time, on real places which are not ideal as the gyms, Dojos and Dojangs. That is why we practice is and in the cars, lifts, staircases, water, bed etc. No other Martial Arts will not take you inside of the car and teach you how to fight inside. Therefore Instinctive Self Defense is very unique. Real attacks are happening always when attacker think that you are in the inferior situation or position for escape or fight back, so it has to be practiced in these real conditions. Applying the basics principles of Instinctive Self Defense is possible literally in every situation in which life can bring you. This mean that IS will work for you even if you fighting for your life while standing on the edge of the cliff.

By studying the basics human biotic motions we are coming to the techniques that make IS. In Instinctive Self Defense we also teach about the nonviolence, acceptance, tolerance, truth, peace, honor, duties, laws, honesty and goodness in all aspects of these words. But when we practically look at the IS, in it, we prepare ourselves for war. War against every possible crime, violence or molesting, and in a way that there can be only your-our victory achieved by any means necessary and available in the moment of fight without any convention.

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