Picture above: notice display of mental power at Founder of Instinctive Self Defense face and eyes while on duty in high risk areas.

This expression Mental Power Management (MPM in further text) means: Deliberately shaping and changing your psychological and mental thoughts and stances that you did acquire trough your life in to the new fighting state of mind. With help of these new fighting mental stances you will become fearless person, a fighter, a person with steel will and character. But, in the same time a much more dangerous human begin. To achieve that we should firstly clarified some facts around human mind, pain perception, and fear perception and so on.

It is very important to realize how our mind create its own logic, put things in a various categories, create needs and programs of acting and reacting and through that process how this our mind cheat itself. In our society (which include and all Martial Arts school from the world), every system of living and learning and teaching is based too much on imitation, memorization, automatization, too much of unconditional obedience without questioning authorities. As less resistance toward learned material as better it will be. Think for a moment about that -this is not true.

We do not want to imitate, we do not want to be brain washed, we are “crazy” for a great new knowledge, but we want to learn in creative way, not in idiot way. I m not an idiot are you. Let’s see just this category; the power over other another human is not welcome in our society. In the same time there are a lot of institutions and persons more powerful than the others, and they own the system and they want us not to be powerful, because we in that way will become their competition.

In the IS it is of greatest importance that you become more powerful than other human being. Firstly you have to become psychologically and then and physically powerful than the other fellow human being. Your total domination is important. It is important because we want to protect ourselves, to survive, to take care for our love ones. You have to have total control over your attacker, both mentally and physically. Instinctive Self Defense will help you in this process; help you to find your own unique way of dealing with life and dangerous situations. For better understanding let’s say that you are doing a sculpture from the wood or stone or whit any other material and somebody comes by, and state that he or she wouldn’t use this technique, this color, that tool and that she or he will use this and this in its own way….So bloody what. Use what you want, need and feel right at the moment. She or he is not you, you are unique person, and you have your unique perspective toward the world, things and peoples that is in most cases very different than the other people’s stances and perspectives. 

During the period of our growth the society and surroundings are put on us their own stands, values, habits, behaviors and thoughts. This is not too bad in some cases but in the field of self awareness, self discovery and self value this is not good. When you realize yourself, trough practicing of IS you will realize your uniqueness and beauty, your goodness and humanity. You are precious person to everybody who loves you. This is something that has to be appreciated. That is the same thing with the movements in Martial Arts, some of them fit to you some others don’t, and all these fact are changing regarding to your gender, your age, your experience and so on.

Because of that it is very necessary to remind you that as longer you practice in a wrong way you practice failure. Too many people are wasting their time to become good in wrong things, for example in various self defenses, imitations and straight minded practice. Too many people are trying to imitate someone else kick or punch or way of motion. In that way we do not express ourselves, neither creating something, we just imitate.
Self realization is one of benefits that are possible to achieve by practicing IS, and this is also one of most important factors of our inner peace. In the IS we express ourselves through our – your own instinctive motion. Not by your instructors motion or movements or in a way of your instructor. Instructor is here mere a guide for you, guide for help in yourself knowing and discovery of your true self.
The goal of MPM is that you become a leader and that you lead, and not to become a sheep which is forced by others. It is important to understand that if you don’t do yours stuff, you doing somebody else stuff. This kind of awareness is the key of freedom and spontaneous of motion and thought in your skills, life and fight for your life at the some dangerous street. We all could try to copy our masters and instructors, but no matter how good we are we are still just good copies. There is a saying that goes: “Seek not by following the footsteps of the holly man, seek what he was seeking.” Therefore if your teacher is not encouraging you to explore, then you will become total clone.

Truth about real fight is this: PURE SIMPLICITY, PURE SPONTANEOUS, PURE INSTINCTIVELY, and not some predicted reactions. Only necessary control is one of your body and current action in a way that you do not have any preferences about ranges of fighting, about distance, about tactics or tactics.

All events should be observed without ours emotional interference, without emotional answer on and regarding our – your everyday experiences. We should not fixated ourselves on that we thing is right, because others about this thinks something else, the third ones think something else, and this is thought conflict that is totally unnecessary. Truth is that everything is real and good. Only the way of coming to that real and good is different, for every person, and for some persons it is lost in their personal thoughts, imaginations, thinking’s and stands.

Psychological preparation in the INSTINCTIVE SELF DEFENSE is very important. Mental Power Management is the unique system of preparing your mind for all situations and consequences before, during and after the fight. This is not complicated or special; this MPM is very simple and efficient. MPM is based on changing your thought process and your old stances and knowledge with new efficient stances and thoughts that are needed for you to survive and win the fight. At the end these all will come automatically so you don’t have to worry about how to remember this or that or anything, it is important to learn the principle on which MPM operate, and that’s that. When you realize that you will have in your possession very powerful psychological weapon which will give you great advantage in the fight of any kind, or in the everyday conflicts of your business and life. So let’s go on for practical stuff.


9.      TACTICS

Aggressive mental stand is practical process of thought and thinking which is learnable and detached from fear, and which because of that lead trough to clear performance improvement in a way of higher physical abilities and of course mental abilities. When you once manage to get this Aggressive Mental Stand, you will always be in action at threat or urgent situations; you will be faster and first in action and in the move. You will not wait and only then react to some outer stimuli (attack), that practically mean that instead of reaction o some action, you then becoming this action. In this division on action and reaction we chose ACTION. We chose to lead, rather than follow and for that matter you will rather attack then to defend yourself, (off course to attack in course of avoiding instant, in that moment, life threatening danger situation that is not provoked by you by any means).

The person (YOU) that has aggressive mental stand always thinks in positive way, offensive way, and aggressive way and action way. This means that this person is working nonstop and always in full action, no matter what is he doing. In practice in fighting, that mean that as soon as you did spot the attack situation on you or anybody else, you don’t wait to take the first punch, or to avoid the first punch, instead you give the first, the others and the last punch.

First of all we have to understand the difference between offensive and defensive thinking. Defensive thinking is occupied with very well developed various systems of reactions to the actions that are already started, in our case to react on ongoing attack. The person of that defensive thinking will firstly try to analyze that other stimuli, that kind of person will be inverted toward him/herself caring about consequences, thinking how to defend and so on. That way of thinking lead toward waist of great deal of to us precious time. They need first to see the attack, to choose defense, to wait reaction of attacker, to anticipate further, and so on, all of this is waist of precious seconds that are CRUCIAL for your survival.

Quit opposite  to defensive thinking person, the offensive thinking person is cause of creating aggressive mental stand in his mind, and this kind of person is always free to express her/his self by this stand trough pure physical action. When stimulated by the some danger stimuli, in our case with the attack, that kind of person will instantly without any waste of time attack the attacker. And this attack will be conducted by the techniques that are terminal, which finish the attack very fast, efficiently, brutally and painfully for the attacker. It means that this kind of person has aggressive mental stand, offensive thinking, understanding of its own fear, and understanding of dynamic of the street fights and poses superior terminal Instinctive Self Defense techniques.

This kind of person has accepted, long before the some potential fights and attacks, the stands and decisions which in the situations of attack to its life realize themselves through action, action that then will affect the source of attack in the best way, and in the way that with the greatest possible security and advantage will get us terminal solution such is your unconditional win in the street fight.

 AMS should be learned in the two ways:

1.      POWER OF WORDS (aggressive speech)
2.      PHYSICAL PRACTICE (practicing Instinctive Self Defense techniques)

Combining of these two ways, and using the power of positive words as means of change – of the way of your thinking. Then this AMS can be very efficiently expressed through physical action, through efficient counter attack.

1. POWER OF WORDS – super positive words;
That term is related on use of super positive and active terminology in exchange for frightening, scary terminology. Words that we spoke to ourselves and to others has a great deal of emotional power, which depends on the kind of situation in which are these words used, depends on the learn ways of expression with words, on our emotions at the exact moment of pronouncing, on ideas which these words bears with themselves, and on the meaning of the words-which every individual will see different.

We use words to describe things, meanings of things, happenings, known and unknown stuff and all these words affect our feelings regarding these things, they provoke in us either positive or negative emotions and thoughts. The words has direct link with our-your mental picture whose emotional content may be let’s say terrifying, the terrifying pictures start to overcome you and the you will end badly and sadly in the some danger situation under power of these negative words and their link to the brain-terrifying pictures. Do you get me, of course you do.

So what to do? Easy and simple, REPLACE THE DAMN THING WITH TOTALLY OPPOSITE, POSITIVE, FEARLESS WORD or words which will then projected the image and picture without fear in to you. This is the only way. So, what we do? We replace the fearful words with FEARLESS ones and in that way we accomplish an AGGRESSIVE MENTAL STAND (AMS).
For example in IS the person who defend himself is called counter attacker and he is the one who take charge with initiative and mental action taking stand, and this is MPM in use in real situation. Instead to defend himself with some blocks he will execute his counter attack. In this case the counter attacker is becoming the counter attacker by changing his source of fear (blocking idea) with positive word which is very action taking, that is PUNCH/KICK/ATTACK/COUNTER ATTACK. Now in your mind there are lots of changes and there is lots of drastically changed positive view, you are the one who will hurt and disable the attacker. You will be able to control situation by putting your will and strategy over that particular situation.

The next picture is showing the system of changing the words that are fear making in to the words that make you brave, fearless and make you to take action. That means to change reactive thoughts with super positive active thoughts. Always think positive, no matter of the situation, no matter if there is no visible chance, always think positive.  In that way you will exercise yourself to take advantage from every life situation and to turn them to your benefit, because please trust me there is always a way out and solution of your trouble. In that way you by yourself will control your own destiny and you will become your own leader. You just have to practice these active words under Embrace column by reading them every day.



Reactive thinking





Self defense


Way of fighting

Way of the fist

Defense techniques

Retreat from attacker



Fair-play, fair fighting

Never first kick, punch

Defend yourself

Cover, hide

Defense stance








Active positive thinking





Counter attack


Street fighting

Street fighting

Attack-counter attack

Go inside of attacker



Win with all means

Always first in attack


Seek, destroy

Attacking stance



Do the action




The essence of this process of changing is to create your inner trainer, who will talk with you in an ideal way. This demand the concrete will strain - taking an action at your mind to change your negative side in to the positive. This is equally important as physical abilities. Practice changes of these words every day, every day only once read this table, until you will in your life forget the all of these reactive thoughts and words. Try to practice this with your own words.

Through physical techniques of IS; Simply putted: "Practicing techniques of Instinctive Self Defense in various situations."

YOU ARE THE FIRST IN ACTION. THAT MEANS THAT ALWAYS YOU SHOULD AND MUST HIT FIRST, ATTACK FIRST. In 95% of all street fights the first strike is determinable about who is going to win the fight. That means that the one who is efficiently managed to deliver first strike is going to win in 95% of all fights. There is note to that, not the one who is started first, the one who is managed to deliver first.

There is lots of difference between the good delivered strike and just started strike. So, you will in your fight be the one, who first deliver, strike, hit and give the first strike, and the all other techniques and the last strike to, no matter if the attack was started before you were able to take action. The IS is designed and trained in such manner to always work for you.
Even when everything is perfectly tailored in IS no one could guarantied you a victory. The real enemy is inside of us, it is our own fear and mind. Only you could grant yourself a victory, surviving and keeping of your own life, but you must take action. IN ACTION, never reaction, you should do the FIRST STRIKE, and the first strike has to be your only choice when you are forced to fight.
Now and here the thinking and thought process is very important: here while you do your preparations for street fights, during your preparation and process of learning of Aggressive Mental Stand, and during learning various ways of taking control over situations and attacker/s. This is most radical answer on attack by which you transform yourself in to the pure aggressive energy, multiplied at least twice than your normal energy. In order to comprehend an Aggressive Psychological Management it should be cleared that this APM is fast and furious way how to have and attain Aggressive Mental Stand. 

1.      Never and I really mean never think about your protection as a self defense. You should think about your protection as that is most furious battle for your life, and life of your love ones, in which you take action of attack and counter attack. You are in fight for your life, and you survive, you win, and you leave from spot of the attack unhurt or not lethally hurt, while your attacker is staying there, down and under. This kind of thinking is activator of aggressive mental stand AMS and this turn the process of violence in a manner that no attacker expect that from potential victim.

2.      The attackers choose the victims wisely, that means they want to attack only on the weaker, only on those who look to them as weak, easy target. They always calculate, could they get you or not, and they always attack only when they are very sure that they can defeat the victim. Therefore you must not look like victim, your posture and face expression must not show fear or panic. Stay calm, look clearly at the attacker and surroundings. Look for way out, for potential weapons – bottles, chairs, ashtrays, big glasses, etc…Do not go to the places that are very fit for sudden attacks, do not have any negative thoughts about attacker/s and situation (how big is this guy, there is to many of them, I can’t win this and so on). 

3.      Successful fighting and all of these mind tactics demand before everything that you very well know that you posses an excellent fighting methods and tactics in which you are sure without any doubt, and that you know that it will work for you every time. In these case Instinctive Self Defense is the one of the very few, that can provide you whit that amount of confidence in a very fast and efficient way. You just have to practice principles of is and to gain a great amount of experience in various situations, and that is what you will get through training.

4.      You will take over the control. The attacker shall be in the role of victim and you will be the attacker. This you will gain through firm determination that you are not a victim, and that the attacker is. They, he or she are victims of their own stupidity and off course of your lightning counter attack. This will be your attitude gained through rigorous physical training, in which you learn how to take the control and lead over any situation.
5.      All that you are learn physically and mentally you will put on a lots higher level. How? Like this: Trough all that was till now said you mentally prepare yourself for a street fight, for life and death battle and to all of that your new knowledge you add a visualization of yourself as that you are an perfect fighting machine (terminator) that is capable to destroy anything that is in your way. No one can hurt you, your adrenaline is guarding you, and it will keep you from pain and hurt. During the fight unleash the beast, the monster out of you with pure confidence and will for destruction. But, still you should control your actions and your surroundings. You do not have to brake someone spine if you get a weak slap to the face.

6.      Become ultra aggressive. No one could stop you; you should release yourself from inner brakes and fears, in order to release all of your aggressiveness. Forget about the shame, about other people look, forget to care about yourself. Only then you can unleash enormous energy hidden within you. No attacker can stop you while you are like this. They are not prepared to you, to your speed, force, aggressiveness and skill. In a split of second you bring yourself in to a state of no fear from anything, you want to tear apart the attacker, to break him/her in half, to butcher them/him/her whoever, whatever if you have to do this for your own surviving, and if the attacker or more of them are so persist you are ready to release them from all of their earthly sufferings.  The most important is that the attackers are ready for intensive care and not you.

7.      Immediately you should to forget on fair play and: “Let the best one win” attitude. You, me, all of us, we are not the best and do not want to be the best in the street fighting. This is not the sport there are no medals and great shiny medals given. We are not the best, but we want to survive and to protect our love ones and we want for all of them to be safe and sound. To be able to do that, you will do anything. If you get hit during the combat, you will hit back ten times more and powerful, if you get injured, forget about it, and hurt attacker/s 10 times harder. You have to become predator and NEVER TO FIGHT FAIR AND IN A GENTLEMEN WAYS. If you have a stone, or rock by your hands use them, if you can use the chair, table, table leg, bottles, anything near you, even pieces of broken windows – you broke one if you have to (this is good because alarm will vent on and noise, and police or security will come shortly). 

8.      You should know that the techniques that you exercise you never can perform with an ease and gracefulness in the real fight. The same techniques that you do very easy at the training session will be 10 times harder to do in a real fight. While you fight for your life in some alley, elevator, basement, car or in your own house or office it is very clear that you will be under great stress. Therefore you can’t do any of precise movements. But that doesn’t matter because your training is providing you with pure instinctive actions. Then the technique doesn’t have to be pretty or nice as in training, but you are sure that it will work, hit the target, and make lots of damage. Because of that in the IS we have only simple and brutally efficient techniques, and to learn them you do not have to spend years of training no, in a matter of hours you will be able to fight like crazy.  

9.      Lets conclude, the one thing that will help you to become more dangerous person than your attacker is the attitude that you should become worst than the bad guy. You have to become meaner, more danger and trickier than your attacker/s even could imagine is possible. So you will in a split of a second turn the situation in upside down, you are the one who is attacking and hurting. Most of the attackers expect that their victim will surrender after their first attack and that they will be in charge and in control. But no bro, they never expect fanatic resistance, pain and fear that will hit them as a thunder.

Efficiency of fighting in the IS system is coming out of the fact that we are very much trying to understand our feelings, emotions and mental states during stress situations. After understanding, we are trying to accept them in exact state of their origin. Main secret of that understanding is this: you should never fight against your feelings. The fear and the pain are in this category, don’t fight against them, embrace, accept and understand them. Then you shall feel no pain and fear. The Pain is merely basic function of our body and our nervous system, and nothing more. It is our natural reflex and there is no sense to be frighten by it, because we are then scared of ourselves. Pain is like a signal – to our consciousness which give us knowledge that our body is hurt in exact spot or area. When we know that and when we accept that as normal, you can fight much better, without burden of fighting against our own fear and pain.

Also it is important to be aware and ready for various injuries during real fight, you have to always count on that you might get hurt during fight. As we now know that, we see that the pain has no practical immediately use during the fighting, so you should ignore it, forget it but in the same time use it as a turbo fuel to get yourself in to the ultra aggressive and wild mode, controlled trough IS techniques. It is not relevant if you are cut, stabbed, hit, with few broken bones, you should devote yourself only to your fighting, opponent, and surroundings. It is not easy task, but not impossible.

As the pain is function of our nerves the fear is simply emotion, complex and not well known. The fear could be increased, controlled, directed and to work against you. There is nothing bad ore shamed of in fear. By understanding that this fear is just an emotion same as Joy, but with opposite effect, and by embracing that, LEAVE YOUR FEAR BY SIDE AND GO IN ACTION. The main object of training for aggressive mental stand is TOTAL ELIMINATION OF FEAR.

Fear is very basics of wrong defensive – reactive thinking. Fear makes you to hesitate, it makes you unable for taking an action, fear will freeze you, and it will stiffen your body and mind in the some kind of waiting mode. But, without fear and with AMS, you become a free person whom takes necessary action when it should. You are free to act fast, direct, simple and brutally efficient. Then you don’t have any internal doubts about your decisions and you don’t have to worry about possible outcome. You make that things are happening exactly they should happen. Just remember all of happy children’s, yourself while you were small kid, remember that back then you were climbing the high trees, buildings during construction, rocks, walls and closets in your houses, without any thought about fear, remember that you fought fiercely against the grownups, that you used to play many dangerous games (walking on high bridge fences) or something similar. You were concentrated only at your task, and with strong will and focus you were successful lots of times. In that time you did never know or heard for fear and the meaning of it. 

You don’t have to bother yourself with any thought about your opponent, how big he/she is, how many of them are there or so, that kind of opinion leads to your sure defeat. Instead you should consider your opponent/s as a one beautiful system of targets that are there for you to hit them, evaluate and destroy. (Did you notice change of thought process? Think about your opponents like this:

Words against fear 1:

There is no fear in me. No fear, no pain, no surrender. Fear does not live in me. I am without fear. I am perfect action!

Words against fear 2:

No fear in me, by my practice:
I am capable;
I am knowledge;
I am value;
I am fearless;
I am indestructible;
I do not know for fear!

For efficiently fighting in the IS system it is not necessary to release ourselves from fear like with a magic stick, it is necessary to understand your worst fear, and what it means for you.
Fear, it is small but powerful frightening word and symbol for everybody on this planet. But it is in fact one beautiful universal feeling that bind all and attackers and victims. Attacker does feel fear to, but they want you to be afraid, your fear is their weapon. We won’t opposite. All people on this planet are constantly affected by some kind of fear. Many of those fears are put on them by themselves. It is very important to understand that the fear-fears are put on us from our childhood to our mature age, and are constantly added, and that you constantly add to yourself some new fear: fear of failure (business, school, love, carrier), moral fear (fear of scandal, fear of broken moral norms..), fear as a sickness (fear of everything). But here we want to know only about one real fear, and that is the old good practical FEAR FOR OUR LIFE, survival and our love ones.

All of the psychologist in their analyses come from fact that all people are afraid for their lives, if they didn’t feel fear any time before they are afraid when they realize that their end is near and coming. Then some people froze and die in horror and fear, some went out of their minds and get lost in the riddles of human mind and die “happy”, others stay calm and fight back even 100 times stronger and wiser.

Trained IS fighters whom seek to become warriors and fighters in such moments where death is very close or “unavoidable” fight  back 900 times stronger, meaner and wiser than those earlier mentioned and without any thought about the their end. In a seemingly unavoidable situation, when death is so obvious you have to behave unrespectable, not- logical. At the first glance, you should do totally unreasonable things, you should behave weird. If attackers expect from you to stand in one spot, you move yourself even if it is in inches, if they expect from you to move, you stay still in one place, if they expect you to listen their orders you should start to cry.

Always be unexpectedly unreasonable, not logical to your attackers but always careful and ready for sudden crazy, mad, fierce, explosive ATTACK with  will to break their bones and to terminate them. As a rule of a thumb, always move your body, never let attackers to anticipate your next move, tactic, attacks, counter attacks. The ways of doing so are dependent on situation, but you have to be prepared to act everything from crying, madness, epilepsy, begging for mercy, crawling the ground and making strange sounds, kiss the shoes, everything but with ONE OBJECTIVE of this behavior, all this is tactic how to come as close as possible to attacker, and then to EXPLODE IN ACTION, and rip and tear them apart.

Real fight is brutal and bloody and in that moment of real engagement in a real fight – street fight, you will experience an adrenaline shock in to your whole body. Adrenaline is a hormone of kidney glands that protect and prepare our organism from and fore dangerous outer stresses. This adrenal shock will make you start trembling and shaking, sick in your stomach, blur vision, stiffen muscles and so on. That is the moment when you will think: “O shit, what is this, I m so scared, I cannot move, I’m finished and all other bla, bla, bla, bullshit of self scaring shit. Pardon my France but this is a pile of shit, trash and bull…YOU ARE NOT AFRAID; YOU ARE NOT SCARED, it is only your adrenaline work for you in order that you do not be afraid, it is only and really only adrenaline effect on your body and muscles. It is because large quantity of adrenaline is rushing in a millisecond into every pore of your body and because of that your muscles are trembling and shake and all other effects take place. It is not big deal. It is only natural and with some practice it could be put under control. You should get used to your adrenaline effects during your training.

With deep breathing in faster tempo and with focus on how to damage attackers, and with concentration on your surroundings you will be able to control your adrenaline effects. When you are in dangerous situation, pre fight and fight situation always expect an adrenal shock effects, and be ready for it. You should know that there will be dizzying, trembling, shaking, weak legs and arms, stomach cramps, and decreased vision and higher sound sensitivities. All of that you have to neutralize with deep breathing, concentration on attackers movements, situation, surroundings and with focus on how to most efficiently damage ad hurt attackers if necessary. Also you have to move yourself constantly and never to stop moving, try to go away from danger, if possible, if not try to move to avoid attacks, but always move, this will add to all before mentioned - to fasten adrenal control. All of this you can done within seconds, and that’s good, bad thing is if you stand still and try to mind control everything, not possible, you have to move and do all things together. It is not difficult after a few training sessions. When you feel adrenal effects that means that YOUR BODY is 100% READY FOR ACTION, always have that in the mind.

During the stress situations, in our cases during attack, kidney gland is exerting two of the body hormones: ADRENALINE and NORADRENALIN. This adrenaline exertion for you in this moment has only one important purpose, and that is that those hormones in very fast manner mobilize enormous quantities of energy for short term, explosive and intensive strains and loads. Noradrenalin is hormone which helps mobilization of energy for more long term loads in a longer time period.

Those two hormones because of this fast mobilizing energy pump, provoke our hearts to beat faster, increases in blood pressure (hot cheeks and ears, sudden heat shock on to head), widening of bronchioles (fast breathing, faster speech), fast fat cells deployment for energy purposes, decrease in nerve sensitivities for pain and damage, decrease in all unnecessary body function that are not needed in the moment.

All that you feel before, during and after some of danger and stressful situations is completely normal, there is nothing wrong with you, you are Ok and you are not afraid, it is natural action (note: not reaction-to defensive, it is – action) of your body as preparation and answer from within on ongoing events. Increase heart beats, increase inhale/exhale number and redirecting of vast quantities of blood from major inner organs in to the muscles is cause of trembling and muscle shacking, but that means that your muscles are full of energy to take an action. Great amount of blood went off from our brains to muscles to, so because of that we do not have ability to do our usually fine and precise movements, but we gain reinforced abilities of doing simple, big, gross instinctive movements with higher level of power. In these situations only instinctive movements are efficient enough, and when they are additionally trained and with total aggressive mental stand, they (instinctive movements) become an amazing weapon in your service.

To reveal the fear means that you have to understand what is happening in your mind and body right before, during and after danger situations and attacks to your life. When you realize that you will reveal all of your fears and get rid of them once for all.

First, that feeling that you call fear is not bad at all. It is your guarding angel, the best alarm system at the market. Let’s call this feeling fear for now, and let us reveal it under this name, but you will change its name later or you will simply understand that you use your so called “fear” for yours need of fast destruction of attack, attackers and any danger. Then you will have quit clear understanding that this feeling that you once call fear now is used as your new powerful weapon. Then you can call it with some other name that you think is appropriate. Try to remember that in that magic substitution table word fear was substituted with the word fearless, to be able to do that we will now try to divide the so called fear in the parts.

My word for this substitution is – THE PUMP – Pump of indestructible energy in me – the pump of HULK power in me and it works for me so it will work for you to.

Dividing fear: Considering that our/your body has ability of exerting adrenaline in more than one occasions or series (impacts - pumps), which can follow each other, in very short time of few seconds or in longer time of few minutes/hours. This timing of exertion depends very much on the situation you are in, and on your currently state of physical and mental conditioning. “Fear” could be divided in countless numbers of interpretations or parts of one general term. But here we will divide that “fear” in the form and term of PUMP. Pump will be our synonym for “fear” instead of fear we will say pump, and we know that this pump is not fear it is our body adrenaline that give us enormous power to fight, run, jump, climb, swim, dive, win any situation. We have “fear” divided in pumps: first pump, second pump, third pump, and fourth pump and more. Our body, your body can do great number of this pump of adrenaline ad noradrenalin hormones. This division is simple one: every situation has its own pump: pre fight fear – in fight fear – post fight fear – anticipation fear – surprise danger fear – during fight induced fear – fear for your family in danger – all sorts of fears.

Now and first I want you to substitute this word fear with pump and term those events like this: pre fight pump – in fight pump – post fight pump – anticipation pump – surprise danger pump – during fight pump –family danger pump – and so on….on every of these events our body will give you fast hormone rush called pump and remember this: it is simple, this rush and pump is your power and protection –not fear—this is your body at its basic instinctive level give you protection and prepare you for fight or flee or whatever you must do to win, protect and survive. Yes you will feel shakes, dizziness, blur vision, dry mouth, out of balance, tremors of legs and hands, stomach sick and so on – but all that is normal and this is not fear – this is your body preparation for action and nothing else.

You have to understand and know that all of before mentioned effects will be happening to you in every stressful situation such as attack at your life. Secondly you have to EXPECT THAT this WILL HAPPEN. So when you expect that, you will not be surprised, shocked, or “body and mind frozen” in a situation of deadly encounter, and you will know exactly what is happening with you, and you will know that this is not fear, that this is your body help and protection. All of this is just effects of stress induced exertion of adrenaline and noradrenalin, to keep you sharp, and ready for anything. You can say to yourself: “O yes that’s my organism helping me to survive.” Through understanding that our organism is helping us and that all adrenal effects are perfectly normal and usual for every people, for you, me, them, for all people.

Your body independently of your will produce protection for you in the moment when you need it and it send it in the places where you need it. Adrenaline is miracle of our organism and right stuff. But you should be aware that adrenaline exertion and its influence have its own effects on our sensors, mind and body. Not knowing what is happening with them when they feel those effects people start to think that they are afraid and fear and terror is taking over IN THEIR MIND AND THOUGHTS. (Remember this: in the mind and thoughts).

But the matter is quite opposite, this is not fear, this is fearfulness and armor. This is your super powerful weapon, as with every weapon, you should learn how to deal with it, how to control it and how to use it in your advantage? When you manage to do that you will be able to do miracles, and then you will have 5, 7, 10 or more times greater strength, pain tolerance, endurance and aggression. Simply by conducting a training of IS all those abilities are starting to rise to an unlimited heights. 

Influence of adrenal shock effect with your IS training will help you  to turn yourself from just an ordinary looking guy, lady, or child in to the mean fighting machine, in a split of second you will become more aggressive, brutal and meaner than your actual attacker is, you will become his worst nightmare. Trough IS practicing; you will canalize your rage in to the destroying techniques.

Now let’s recapitulate, what is fear? Fear is something that is in your mind, fear is negative thought process of negative thoughts. And those negative thoughts are product of your education, life experience (inexperience), your life style, your childhood, and so on. Product of your whole life implanted in your mind. SO there is no fear there is just THE PUMP.

FEAR is an emotion

From the simple sense of little babies: "I'm fine - smiling, not good - yell" to the wisdom of old age "does not matter to me - smiling," life is going through a lot of emotional transitions. Fear is one of the four basic emotions. The four basic emotions are: joy, sorrow, anger and fear.

The word emotion comes from the Latin word mover, which means to move. Each emotion is composed of the following four components: physiological activation, cognitive interpretations, facial expressions and behavior. The physiological basis for every emotion is more or less equal. Life experience and the context of event are conditional that the same situation, different people experience in a different way and even to the same person the same situation can be differently interpreted.

Our emotional reactions to different situations are defined with: physiological arousal of organism, thoughts that we have in this situation and learned life reactions to such situations. To reduce the intensity of uncomfortable emotions, we try to act on any of the above three factors. We should keep in mind that our emotional reactions are not caused primarily by objective events and thoughts, but by our perception and cognitive interpretation, that is what we think about the events and what we suggest on ourselves.

How do we define fear?

Fear is defined as an intense and uncomfortable feeling in relation to existing or anticipated threat. Physiological changes associated with fear are: dry mouth, heart palpitations, sweating, trembling, "gaps" in the stomach, the need to urinate. Some fears that are associated with certain objects or situations are psychologically disorders - psychoneurosis, and are called phobias. The fear, then, is an unpleasant emotion caused by consciousness of a particular threat.

We can say that we distinguish several stages of fear:

"Horror" is characterized by stiffness adaptive response,

"Panic fear" characterized by motor arousal and a significant reduction in conscious control,
"Anxious fear" characterized by agitation associated with concentrated expectation of danger,
"Caution" as a particular form of behavior, contain elements of disguised and sublimated fear.

Only the appearance of fear in certain circumstances, and its intensity varies among individuals, depending on a variety of biological and psychological conditions (some are "scared ones" some "panic" ...). Some fears are instinctive or innate fears (eg. fear the loss of balance, fear of unexpected loud sounds, a fear of the dark space). There are fears and experiences that are independent of external influence and come as symptoms of subconscious conflicts. For example, fear as constant anticipation of danger can accompany many unadjusted individuals. Directly caused fear is accompanied by physiological and mimic image that might be different. 

Thus we have:

Frightened-asthenic form that shows the prevalence parasympathetic innervations and is manifested as pallor, hart rate slowing, decline in muscle tone, collecting saliva in the mouth, general paralysis;

Sthenic - form that shows the prevalence of adrenaline-sympathetic response: expanding pupil, general tension of attention, increase blood pressure, increase of sugar and adrenaline in the blood, speeding up overall metabolism.

With anger, fear is the oldest emotion in the development of the human species and the individual. Fear appears as a response to danger and it is unpleasant emotions, and is accompanied by varying amounts of tension. Strong experience of fear paralyzes affected person, provokes stopping of thought process and fine motor skills (man stiffened, speechless, stops critical thinking).

Fear sometimes helps, sometimes does not!

When we have such fears like fear from exams or an unpleasant conversation that awaits us, we do not increase the amount of sugar in the blood that is necessary for muscle activity running. But coping with a frightening or just a complicated situation requires an increased amount of energy, and therefore some amount of physiological activation of the body is necessary in all conditions of life.

There is an optimal level of that activation, which is different for different people and different situations. All of these physical changes are due to increased secretion of adrenal gland hormones - adrenaline and noradrenalin from the adrenal glands marrow, and under the command of the pituitary gland - the sympathetic excitation. Often, such an increase in physical arousal is adaptive, so our organism can adapt to the situation, or expected situation.

Emotional arousal and physical changes under influence of fear sometimes enable better memory, a higher concentration of attention and a better performance of every action, but only up to a certain limit. However, excitement may be counterproductive: If hormone levels in the blood become too high, and the physical changes it caused too intense, concentration, and the effect is reduced. For example, every professional actor knows that a little nervousness ahead of performing has stimulative effect on its success, and too strong jitters can disable him to successfully play his role. So it is with fear of exams. Weak fear will assist recall of learned content, but quite strong fear can hinder an individual to express learned materials.

What are the effects of emotional experience? Generally we can determine that feelings of mild intensity activate individual person, power up interest for situation, and power up success of activities conducted by that individual. Effect of powerful and intense emotions in various situations are not so good for affected individuals. Excessive activation:

Narrows perceptual field,

Decreasing concentration,
Difficult to recall past experiences,
Reduces the ability to think logically.

There are people that even in most dramatically situations emotional activation ( you call it fear) do not exceed optimal level – and those kind of people function great under stress and there are others that always suffer of excess of emotional activation and they cannot function under stress and they become disorganized and unsuccessful in their activities.

This all above is good scientific explanation of fear. But cure for this is simple - -MOTION (you have to move your body in order to get higher blood and gland circulation and easier control of your muscles under stress) –BREATHING (you have to breathe deeply and faster in order to get more oxygen in your muscles and organs so that they can function well under stress) –CONCENTRATION ON SIMPLE TASKS (you must fixate your attention on simple things in order to keep control of your mind and body) - -SIMPLE IS TECHNIQUES (IS techniques are simple and they will put you in state of control over fear source-so you will not be in danger anymore) – KNOWLEDGE (knowledge of all components of Mental Power Management and fear, when you have knowledge backed up by powerful techniques and strong will and body-fear is not known emotion for you). All of that you get in training of Instinctive Self Defense.

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