All practitioners are running in the circle or outside by the given route, coach give next assignments to perform without rest and stopping, easy rate of repetition and running. From running coach orders: crawling – rolling, front shoulder roll, back roll, run again, side roll –run, pushups – run, further, crunches, run, back extension, run, squats, run, all by 10 – pushups, back ext, crunches, squats, run, crawl on stomach, run, crawl on back, run, crawl without hand, run, partner driving – for legs, run, roll, crawl, get up strike, kick, run. Very funny drill.

Students are in front each other and they both are trying trough wrestling fight to catch another partners hand in a firm grip, it can be done and with 3 or more persons at once, or 4 or whole teams against teams, or all against all.

Wrestling fight for the leg, partners are opposing each other and try to catch each other’s legs in a firm grip, one leg, both leg, no throwing, just catching the leg, it can be done in 3, 4, 5, or more persons.

Like in any wrestling match, partners pair up and try to catch each other around the waist from any side, when the firm hold is achieved than partners let go and start all over again, it can be done in 3, 4, 5 or more persons to.

This is combination of all three drills before, but for the head also, by combining catch, partners try to use feints and tricks to catch each other extremities in control grip, when hold is achieved release and start over. It can be done in any number of persons.

Partner up, grab your partner around his waist and he grab you to, than both of students try to lift each other in to the air and try to counter moves of partner in order to prevent to be lifted. Only in pairs. When one partner is lifted, release and start again.

One of partners constantly try to grab, catch and hold another partner, another partner is all the time defensive and try to stay out of reach of all of this grabs and holds, if defensive student is grabbed, release and start over again, change turns. It can be done in any number of person combinations.

One student tries to grab hold around neck of another student, this another ducks down under the hand in outward motion, to the side, legs must work, and ducking stand has to be from outside and behind the swinging partner, after ducking and evading motion, get upright and deliver two palm strikes to the head.

One student tries to catch another around shoulders or head with both hands in one explosive motion, evasion must be done on both sides, during ducking phase, ducking student deliver fist strike to the groin of catching partner and bail under and out behind him. One partner does two catches for each side once, than another partner is on turn. You can combine this in more people’s drills.

One partner tries to ram with both of his hands to another, this another one must evade whole partner not just his hands, that means that evading partner must use legs to get out of the way, and off course hands to cower the head and body, if you evade to the left, your left leg is leading leg and it should go first, if you are to evade to the right your right leg must move to the right side first, then left, and body turns inward, hands are in basic cover position and you just guide your partner to pass you. Two ramming and then switch.

Partner up and push, one partner you’re your hands with his head in all four directions, front, side, back and another side, than you you’re your shoulders with your partners and push each other, than back on back , squatting position and push each other, than hands to hand and push each other to. Not full power pushing or resistance to pushing, just for warming up. After one partner push about 10 times than change.

From kneeling, sitting, lying down on stomach or back, pushing with the hands, pushing with the legs, always not full power pushing resisting, just for warm up with light resistance

All of earlier mentioned pushing in combined version, two in standing, two in kneeling, two in lying position and so on,.

One partner is lying on his back, another is trying to reach lying ones forehead just with movements around lying partner, no catching or grabbing is allowed, just running around and touching, leg work, lying partner is trying not to get touch at forehead. Switch of partners after every 10 seconds.

            One partner is lying down, another is lying over him in any position, lower ones has to swiftly turn and free himself from upper partner, after he is released speed change is made in partners. Upper partner is passive, just lying and pressing with his body weight. After few rounds with lying on the stomach same thing while lying at the back.

One partner tries to choke another from the behind, choked partner has to release him with swift hand grab and turn, and to swiftly get behind partner to choke him, change turns as fast as possible, not to choke for real, and drill is to get you to speed up your response on the hand around your neck.

Two practitioners sit on the ground and they try to catch another in a firm hold only by using legs, in a sparring manner, use combination of pushing and holding and hooking, when one succeed he let go and they continue to fight.

Both practitioners are kneeling opposing each other in arm length, one throw punch – direct to the head, other one make counter attack by his forearms, one hit the attacking arm and another hit to the head of attacker, two punches from one, two punches from another partner and continue to change.

From kneeling position with moving legs and body both practitioners tries to get arm lock of any kind, it should be done with both hands, when one succeed he let go and they continue to fight.

From close up kneeling position one practitioner throw two fast boxing directs in to the partner chests area, another practitioner deflect every punch with his palms from outside of attackers hands, after two punches-two deflection, defending partner throw two fast directs and another partner make deflection, both of them tries to be as fast as possible, and to change turns as fast as possible.

Practitioners are standing in face off positions one partner throw two fast boxing directs, another deflect them with his palms from outside of attackers hands, than fast change.

One practitioner is attacking with fast boxing directs, another palm deflect them and in the same time make a leg to the groin fast counter strike, while in moving backward, to gain enough distance, than fast change – after counter is finished he must attack with directs.

HOOK 1: One practitioner is trying to deliver a fast hook to the head of another, defending partner dive under the attacking arm, with small side step to the outside of the opponent guard, and in the same time while he is in ducking position, he deliver a fast forearm strike to the front side of body, and then with the another forearm to the back side of the body and finishes with the punch to the groins. After that attacker attacks with his another hand, counter attacker do the same drill to the another side, after he is finished he becomes attacker and deliver two hooks, and they continuously change roles fast.

HOOK 2: after partners hook, practitioner dive under his arm using body evasion and small site step to the outside, and when he is from the back outside side of opponent, counter attacker delivers two fast palm strikes to the attackers head, than attacker swig with another arm, counter attacker do his routine to the another side, than they change roles as fast as they can.

HOOK 3: attacker delivers fast front jab and rear arm short hook to the head, or cross to the head, counter attacker palm deflect the jab with his front palm and cover his side of head with is whole rear arm, like that he s delivering upright elbow strike , but with intention to cover whole head from the side, that cowering hand take the incoming hook punch, immediately after the taking punch counter attacker makes two fast palm direct strikes to the head of attackers, attacker do the same attack with another side, after that counter attacker attack the same way, they take turns as fast as they can.

One practitioner delivers fast front kick in to the stomach, another make fast palm deflection and body evasion with leg twisting in to the place- no moving at al backward, just little bit to the side, palm from the inside of the leg and then fast front leg to the groin counter, another leg attack and change turns, as fast as possible.

One practitioner is delivering fast front or side kick to the belly, another grabs the attacking leg with X hooking block and hit the attackers groins with fast snapping front kick. Another leg attack and then change of turns, as fast as possible.

One of partners is holding one hand in direct punch position and another parallel to his chests in 90 degree angle hook punch position, as if he hitting his erected arm, another partner is delivering basic IS attack in to the hands of the partner, after one attack, holding partner fast changes hands and attacking partner attacks with another arm and leading leg. After two attacks, fast change of turns.

            BASICS ATTACK 2 One partner holds his both hands in a wide circle in front of his body, as two same time hook punches, he stands in one place, another partner delivers two consecutive attacks, first basic attack than just turn and attack with another hand, hip turn is here most important, after that they change turns.

One partner stands with hands in cover shielding position in front of his body, another partner deliver three fast palm strikes to the cowering hands, than fast change of turns.

Practitioners are in face of position, at sign of trainer one of partners run toward another and grabs him around his waist or under hips and throws him up in the air as high as he can, partner has to maintain contact with him by holding his shoulders, so he will have good balance to flay up an land safely, 5 consecutive runs and throws thane fast change of turns, or on by one throws and changes.

One partner is trying to grab the chin and back of the head of another partner, immediately when counter attacker feels hand on his chin he deflect this arm from his chin by both of his hands and delivers two palm strike to the attackers head, than another hand attack, all same drill and then fast change of turns.

Grab for the chin ad back of the hand, both hands grab from under the hand on your chin, like in hooking motion, move it of your chin to the chest, turn in the way of attack and roll over your knee and hip to throw opponent away, another hand attack and then fast change of turns.

Practitioners are divided in two groups, at the sign of trainer every group tries to get to the another side of another group, but both groups are fighting not to let anyone to pass, this drill has to be done in thigh space, so that no one can go around – they all must went through each others.

One practitioner caries other one at his back, in his arms, at his shoulders, and while he is caring his partner he runs to the one side of gym or training place and then change, two caries one, three carries one, one caries two – if he can, four carries one, all of them caries one and throw him high and catch him to, change of turns fast.

All of these drills can be used and as means of Mental Management, for example: Fighting under stress, training of endurance and power training of mind and body coordination.


To change fearful words with fearless words – practitioners are in face of position and trainer yells the word – e.g. coward and all of them take fighting stance and yell hero, trainer yells death – they yell life, trainer yell I will kill you, they yell survive, win, trainer yells defense they yell offense and so on.

In pairs, two attacker or one are behaving aggressively, verbally threatening, they demand money, body, sex, offending with harsh word, counter attacker must attack first before them, if one on one attack after first move toward him, if on two on more attackers he must attack attacker that is on the flak of the group, first strike and run to the safety.

After counter attacker receive two or three powerful strikes during attack only then he defend himself with prearranged techniques, than fast change of turns, this can be done from any position, from any angle, to receive few blows ignore the pain and continue to fight to survive.

One practitioner is cornered by few of others or by all of them, they start to fend him t yell at him, to pinch him, push him, to showed him around, molest him verbally, by slapping and so, no actual beating, counter attacker must avid the mob, by hitting the groins of two closest attacker and run away as fast as he can, or hit the groin of attacker behind him and run away or hit the leader of the group and start run away.

One against all of them, fight by wrestling and pushing and evading attackers, but not in tactical sense, you as one go in the middle of them and tries to wrestle against all of them, opposing group do not put full power in the wrestling, the counter attacker has goal to reach some designated point in the nearby, to touch the nearby line or wall or tree, all practitioners to change turns. Main point is to encourage counter attacker to move constantly - never to surrender. In pairs or by three one against two, always with objective that solo player tries to reach some place ore area, not to win the fight.

Importance of trainer is very high here, to make attacker in aggressive mode and to control them to not over due. Objective is in trying to achieve fear reaction and adrenal stress at practitioner by putting him suddenly in very danger position, let say for e.g. by attempt to throw him in to the wall – head first, or to rape, or to kill while attackers trying to subdue him and do the nasty stuff constantly verbally abusing, and doing attacks in the same time, counter attacker must overcome his initial response and must fight his way out. Adrenal shock drills – examples:

a) Standing, two practitioners yelling at third, they provoke him, curse him, yell at him, take your clothes of, take your pants of, they  use heavy words on him, they pinch him, they turn him around, push him, pull the hair and clothes, slap him and all the time they yell at him, and suddenly one f attacker attack him with some attack, abs to punch, grab that another attacker can punch, both attackers tries to attack him, one to hold another to stab with knife or to punch, kick, with all the time yelling like this: get him, grab him, I will kill him now, or hit him  mess his face now, or hold him, we will fuck you up now, we will cut you like a pig, I will take your gut out and so.. and attack in the same time – it has to be almost as real, now counter attacker attack attackers and win the fight using IS techniques, he take out both attackers, then practitioners change turns. It is important that attacker use the harsh words and force in the same time all the way of exercise. Don be shy, let your inner bad beast out, it will be defeated anyway.

b) Two practitioners are doing some techniques  suddenly the third attacker come and attack by surprise the one of the practitioners, now attacked practitioner has to deal with both of attackers and to defeat them by some basic IS techniques.

c) 4 practitioners grab the fifth for arms and legs and lift him up, belly down and they run with his head toward the wall to smash his head, he has to release himself from those four attacker before the wall, by doing some kind any kind of avoiding, turning, puling, jerking, he must get out of their hold and flee the scene and to delivers strikes at everyone at his way. The holders do not make too much effort on their hold, they are cooperative in order to exercise succeeded, but in first instance they have to be very hard, harsh on language all the time, to project killing intention, yelling, let’s kill the bastard now or something similar.

d) 2 or 3 practitioners pres the third or fourth one to the floor, and they start to yell at him, to offend him, pinch him, and so on – you get the picture till now, slap him, the counter attacker hit both of attackers to the groin and escape the scene, but he must be very aggressive by doing that.

e) same torture as before, with verbal harassment of worst kind but now 4 or 5 practitioners throw one of them in to the air in order to humiliate him all the time offending him and threatening to him with various crimes – to rape him, to cut him slowly, to take his gut out, to kill his wife, girlfriend, to cut his fingers of, to poke his eyes out and so on …but serious, the counter attacker must get out of there as fast as he can.

a) Practitioners are standing in pairs and suddenly one of them – by prearranged agreement attack another one with fighting yell and finishing technique all the way to ground finish by some of basics IS techniques. Than change turns, to suddenly attack, try to confuse your partner, ask him hey dude how is your girlfriend? Don’t look as attacker, act normal, put your hands in the pockets and then when he answers you in the middle of his answer attack him aggressively, with killing intention

b) One on two aggressiveness drill, one practitioner attack two of his partner by same mode as before, by talk to them and suddenly attack on two attacker, by aggressive killing mode, with real intention to kill them both. Of course you will not kill them you will just project on them that killing death wish and fear sent to them.

Practitioners are standing in face of position, one of them is just for target practice, another is doing the exercise, when trainer yells head – the practitioner hit the ad with his and strikes by his choice, trainer yells leg, he hit the legs with his legs, trainer yells eyes – he poke the eyes, and so on – not for real just to touch the designated vital spot, or to get very close in case of groin attack, same drill with knife and stick. Of course as for any other drill change turns.

a) Tactics of avoiding of attacks, two or three partners are in role of attacking group, they are as gang, when they see the potential victim – their partner here, they approach to him and ask him for some change, or what’s the time or something else and in the same time they want to surround him so he cannot escape from attack, now counter attacker must just say to them, o sorry guys I don’t know what’s the time and constantly looking at them not at the watch, or just to say to them I am sorry I don’t have any change, and never stop to talk to them, just went beside then, not allowing to be surrounded, stopped or grabbed, or pulled in. Counter attacker must always maintain eye contact to see whole group of them, if suddenly one of them is missing that one is behind your back, counter attacker here must never stop to move, just go by them and talking to them, while you talk to them raise your hand in apologizing position – both of them in shoulder head level, as you show your apologies to them, but actually you are assuming a fighting stance with your palms toward – not aggressive but covered perfectly. Here the goal is to avoid confrontation.

b)  tactics of fighting, verbal attack, one of practitioner is starting to provoke two of others or just one partner, he yell at them, provoke them, offend them trying to provoke their attack, and then suddenly he leaves the scene, in another scenario he after his initial yelling  get closer attack both of his attackers. Important here is to be ultra aggressive, and offending.

c) Two on one, three on one, multiple attacker situation, without weapons, with weapons, combinations, counter attacker is attacked by more attackers, he has to defend himself by counter attack and lining up attackers in on line so they can not attack him all at once, and then he must take them out one by one.

a) From lying at the back, speedy turn on the belly  explosive jump and clap in the air push up and fast getting up and groin kick – as fast as possible.

b) From lying at the back, sped turn at the belly, then turn for 360 degrees at the stomach, get up, jump knee to the chest jump and after landing palms to the head and groin kick combo. Fast as lighting.

c) One partner is on the opposite side of the room, another partner runs on his four legs toward him, like an animal, on hands and legs – trainer gives various position of this four leg running, when he reach his partner, standing partner attack him with any attack, counter attacker – runner has to do IS technique all the way to the ground finish, than change of turns.

d) Combo explosion, same as before in exercise under c, but now you run normal sprint, or jumps or fast rolls over shoulder – front roll, every repetition different combination – as: running sprint half way then jumping knee ups half way than attack and counter attack at the end, or rill front shoulder fall techniques half way than, sprint half way and fight at the end.

a) In pairs, both practitioners in the same time make 20 pushups, than get up and practice one of the IS techniques against some attack, trainer always before tell them what to do exactly, next turn twenty sit ups and another counter attack, next 20 back lifts and counter, and so on, change turns in attacking and defending.

b. Pushing the wall, standing in hard positions. No rest, in pairs, lift your partner for the waist, from the front, from the back from the ground, pull him around the floor by the legs, by the hands, push each other, change turns for each lift. Afterwards to stand in to the some hard positions – like low push up position and hold it until you drop down, low squat position and hold it until you drop down, hand stand over the wall position and hold it in middle push up position until you drop down.

One practitioner climb another practitioner back, third practitioner attack caring one with prearranged attack, the one who carries his partner must defend all the way to the ground finish without losing his balance, without losing his partner from his back. If practitioner is too weak and cannot carry his partner, than the partner is just hang from behind, to make all movements of counter attacker harder.

a) One of partners is holding legs of another, third one attacks the one whose legs are in hold, he must make counter attack by freeing his legs and finished counter attack, change turns.

b) in pairs or fours, one partner stands and he is attacker, another one is down on the ground as in for leg kneeling position, third one jump over this kneeling one and immediately after his jump the attacking partner attack him, he then make UIS technique, change turns. You can put all kind of obstacles to conquer here.

14. CLINCH DRILLIn 3 or 2 or more, two attackers are attacking on third partner, defending partner make the clinch with one of the attackers and line up another one, and then counter attacker make IS counter from the clinch position, and then clinch with next one - Is counter, change turns

a) One on one, one practitioner is trying to subdue another one and to make him in total control, standing or on the ground, attacking partner has to do every possible hold and defending partner must just to tries to evade and avoid without any counter moves. After he is subdued, change turns.

b) Two on one, two attackers are trying to subdue the third one, the third one must not use any technique except evading and escaping by turning and ducking and soon, the drill is for those two attackers, when they subdue him, change turns.

All practitioners are in small narrow circle, one is inside of circle, than all of them hit him, kick him, pull him and so on, he cowers, evade, turns, spins tries to not get hit, all others tries to hit him from every angle, than on the ground also, every practitioner has to be in the middle when his turn is come, after a while of receiving punches, trainer gives a sign go out, than he must find a way out, than change turns.

All together, jumping, sprint, doing pushups, squats, rolls, falls, sit-ups, and so on, jumps as fast as possible, after trainer yells STOP, all must freeze in spot and turned to breathe just thought nose – 5 sec in 5 sec out, all the way until they are in control of the breathing.

a) Wrestling fight for the hand, leg, waist and combination of all that, on the ground to if they fall down, when the trainer yells stop, practitioners freeze in position in which they were when stop was yelled, and they have to control their breathing, in a way: two powerful breath out’s trough mouth, one long breath in thought the nose – ten rounds like that, and then totally calm breathing only through the nose – 5 sec. in, 5 sec. out without the sound.

a) One practitioner attack with hand strikes, another practitioner defend himself with simultaneous – block and counter strikes in the same time, also with his hands, counter strike with palm to the forehead, attack are relaxed and circular. Change after ten attacks.
b) One attacks with his legs, another one doe’s simultaneous evading moves and counter kick to the groin, relaxed and fast, after 10 attacks, change.
c) One attack with short stick, another one evades, redirect and counter strike every attack either with hand stick or kicks.
d) One attack with knife, another one evades, redirect and counter strike either with hands or kicks.

One practitioner deliver a strike or kick in to the partner, partner receive the blow with concentration and contraction of stroked part, after initial strike attacker is attacking with prearranged techniques – knife, gun, rifle, stick, grab, punch or kick and counter attacker has to do his self defense technique. That means right after counter attacker received first strike without defending, on another attack he starts to perform his technique. All combinations are possible – trainer gives situations and makes changes.

a) one is standing relaxed while his partner tries to sneak on him from behind from fair distance of 5 3-4 meters, attacker have a goal to sneak up and clap his partner on the head or shoulders, or to strike, kick him anywhere with moderate force. The counter attacker that stands relaxed has to feel oncoming attack and to evade in proper time.
b) one is in front and two other partners are behind on the sides, the two behind partners are start to move forward in same time to the sides of standing front partner, and his goal is to spot them as soon as possible without moving his head or eyes, using only his peripheral vision.

a) in pairs, one attacks with stick any attack, another defend with stick strikes to the attacking hand and after a few times counter attacker finishes techniques all the way to the ground, than change. Cover, follow, and counterstrike move with your legs all directions.
b) Stick attack, another doe’s counter attack with his stick and multiple counterstrikes, take of attacker stick and take him down to the ground, than change

a) In pairs, fast stabbing attacks, fast counters with slashes of stabbing hand and stabs to the body, legs, neck.
b) Fast slash attacks, counters with slashes and stabs.
c) down up stab-slash drill, one tab down, another one slashes stabbing hand and counter with downward stab, than first partner slash incoming stabbing hands, fast changes of slashing and stabbing.
d) Fast knife draw duel – in pairs, knives hidden in sheets or pants, at trainer sign go fast to take out the knife and stab partner – who will be faster, or to counter his attack.
e) Knife attack, disarm him with your knife, and counter with two knives.
f) Cuts, stabs and motion on carton, boxes, piece of woods and meet. Real blade.
g) Cuts and stabs on carton leave the knife, attack on one partner, counter attack from second partner, attacks and counter attack prearranged.

23.              GUN – GUN DRILLS 1
a) one draw the gun and tries to shoot, another one grab his hand to stop the draw, knee to the genitals and take off the gun.
b) one is threatening to another with gun to the face, the counter attacker take out attacker gun fast and attack him with this gun to the head, fast changes, different attack areas every turn, once to the head, second to the chest and so on.

a) drawing, reloading, emptying, sighting, stances, stances and draws, draws from every position, standing, kneeling, lying, squatting, behind cower, in pairs, after all that, duel, how will be faster, masks on the face and shoot.
b) Draws and shoot outs 1 on 1, 1 o 2, 1 on 3, but with arrangement that the shooter to one, must always win, change turns.
c) Draws and rolls in all directions and shooting the target after draws, rolls and draw-shoot after rolls
d) Running with the gun in ready position, change of direction and shoot the target.
e) Fast draw and shooting the targets while moving forward, backward
f) Fast draw and shoots from squatting, kneeling, lying positions but as fast as possible.

a) draws, stances, sighting, loading, reloading, emptying, al from standing, kneeling, squatting, sitting, lying stances, behind cowers, as fast as possible.
b) One draws the rifle, another disarms him and change – fast-is careful for the line of fire.
c) Draws to stances, rolls, sighting and movement with rifle in all directions, fast and firm.
d) Same as a) and b) but with actual shooting targets.
f) Rolling, after each roll, shot the target, all kind of rolls all directions, all stances, fast as possible...
g) Crawling and shooting from crawling and after fast crawling.
h) Rifle shootouts.

Rolling around in all directions, front, back, side to side, 360 degrees turns, after series of rolls fast stand up and perform given task, counter attack, attack, shoot the target, knife throws, knife duel, gun duel, counters from knife or stick…imagination.

a) One practitioner is blind folded and good spin in the circle about 10 times fast, after that he has to make counter attack against his partner on prearranged attack, from first – attacks are grabs and chokes, second strikes and kicks.
b) one is blind folded another two attack him with grabs, holds and chokes, one from the front or side another from behind but in the same time, next in the different time.
c) Performing whole training and whole techniques blindfolded – TOTAL DARKNESS TRAINING

Water theory, explain behavior on water, safety measures, no one must ever be alone during water practice, always in pairs or larger groups, always to watch for your partners, especially at wild water trainings.

a) Slopes running,
b) Shallow water running,
c) One leg stances in strong slopes, stances in big slopes
d) Water jumping, all kind,
e) Fast swimming, long swimming,
f) Drowning man saving,
g) Swimming against slope current,
h) Long breath holding, underwater,
I) diving between partners, long diving, deep diving, fast diving, despairing diving – stealth motion after diving,
j) Attacks in water by the knees, blinding techniques with water splashes and attack to win,
k) Attacks in water by the waist, blinding, and attack,
l) Techniques in water by the knees
m) Techniques in water by the waist,
n) Techniques in water by the neck,
o) Techniques in deep water, partners can not touch the bottom,
p) Techniques under water.

Progressive enforcement of resistance between training partners, that means that attacker at firs attack with grab in light force, another time same technique attacks with more force and so until they each level of strong resistance but resistance of attacker is not to stop counter attack, mere to make counter attack difficult and each time e under different resistance. Trainer must order witch technique will be practiced in this way, or practitioners agreed together about techniques that they will practice.

Practitioner who plays role of attacker gives full aggressive resistance on his partner when this one tries to perform his counter attack technique.  Aggressive resistance is best practice when one tries to subdue another one – and this another one give his total resistance but without his counter attacks, only resistance by force, power, movement, redirection and so on. Change after 30 seconds.

By these drills all of Mental Power Management is cowered. These drills are our tools in making of ACTION PERSON, making of action man who is aware of his abilities and his disabilities and his altered psychology by which he or she will never again become victim of attackers, attack or accidents in life...

Points to remember here: change after few turns, all practitioners must play both roles of attacker and counter attacker, be very careful, every drill has to be worked as fast and as aggressive you can, cal down, breathe and stretch after this kind of workout.

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