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Announcement of seminars:

If you are interested to host Instinctive Self Defense Seminar in your town and country, please feel free to contact me via my mail:

All of my seminars in the begging are free of charge you just have to cover my travel and logging expenses – not in first class but in most convenient way for you as Host of seminar.  As for my stay during seminar I do not need hotel stay, domestic settling at someone who has a spare bad will be fine for me. 

So to repeat: first seminar that you host is free of charge, only travel expenses and some place to stay and eat.If you, after my seminar choose to continue to cooperate with me we will discuss terms and ways of cooperation, teachings and seminars.

As for seminars I offer:
Instinctive Self Defense - Basic.
Women’s Self Defense – Basic
Children Self Defense – Basic
Stick, knife, gun, rifle defense!
Knife fighting
Stick Fighting
Special Instinctive Self Defense Shooting –with air soft weapons!

All other themes from my program by request, such as special Instinctive Self Defense Wrestling, Ground Fighting, Joint Locking, Antiterrorism fighting, Buddy Rescue Fighting, Tactic of fighting, Mental Power Management Training, Attack Seminar, Conditioning Training and so on…

Feel free to contact me at my mail:

Founder of Instinctive Self Defense, Gordan Krajacic, prof.

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