The expression Instinctive Self Defense alone is nothing special by its meaning. In the Martial Arts world it is the well known term for various system and schools and styles of fighting, which are experienced a great success from the early 90 ties till today. Many masters of Martial Arts after very long period of training, studying, fighting and exploring are come to similar conclusions about the matter of fighting efficiency. The conclusion was that when the humans have to fight for their lives against various attacks the most efficient way to do the Instinctive Self Defense is using simple, instinctive, gross body movements which are inherent for all human beings, and which are not any specific Martial Arts movements. These movements are in the genetic material of every child, woman and man and we all possessed them from the very first day when we are born, and maybe even before that while we are still inside of our mothers.

On these basics various masters of different Martial Arts styles are starting to developed a new system off fighting under many names, such as: JEET KUNE DO (Bruce Lee), various forms of  Jeet Kune Do systems adapt to the street fights, KRAV MAGA (Israeli military system of fighting), DEFENDO (also an old military system of fighting), PFS of Paul Vunak, NAVY SEAL systems of fighting (SCARS, SAFTA, Franck Cucci Seal fighting), COMBAT HAPKIDO, SPEC OP FIGHTING, GREEN BERET FIGHTING, COMMANDO COMBAT, CLOSE COMBAT, WINNING TACTICS, SYSTEMA ad so on. In Europe, China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Burma; India, Russia, and so on in every world country the old traditional Martial Arts system are transformed in to the new form of fighting, also here in Croatia.

 It is interesting to notice that the people from all over the world in the almost in the same time started to created an efficient REAL TIME        SYSTEMS OF FIGHTING. All the same the great number of people who practice these systems are witnesses about their efficiency and reality by surviving the various deadly attacks and by saving their and others lives in such encounters, but without having a 20 years of experience in Martial Arts training. Only one word has the enough power to describe that what happening in the Martial Arts world and that is: EVOLUTION.

All these people are the founders and the starters of the great evolution in the Martial Arts. This means that the Martial Arts are changing, developed further and evolve as we the people do to, and our environment are changing and evolving in the better, progressive, smarter civilization. But that evolution of the society has its dark, not so visible criminal side to: the new ways of violence, crimes, pollution, wars, and terrorism. So the need for Martial Arts to evolve is obvious to all mankind.

The Instinctive Self defense is also a product of such evolution. Where is the catch, someone might to ask? The catch is here: Instinctive Self Defense is developed to work efficiently not only for strong young males, but and for the not at all strong people, children’s, wives, and for everybody. It is for all those who has no Martial Arts experience or in any other sports, but then in the same time and for those open minded practitioners of Martial Arts and other sports. Instinctive Self Defense is developed in the special way, so that when you using it you do not use any techniques from other Martial Arts, but just your own instinctive movements. In the IS only these kind of movements are thought, because they are simple, efficient and what is more important instinctive. That with proper training makes these movements much faster, explosive, less time consuming, because there is no need to perfection in the blocks, kicks, punches, joint locks and movements. No, because these movements are in your blood, genes in you.

The name self-defense is not good, if we will only defend ourselves at the end our defense will be broken and we will get hurt, and that is something that no one wants. That is the psychological influence of that term. It is very defensive and it put peoples in the state of waiting or hibernation and then maybe reaction. This is to slow and too late to deal with the attack. So this name of ours Instinctive Self Defense you have to connect with picture of you destroying any enemies that attack you. You have to molded picture for you –when you or somebody says Instinctive Self Defense picture yourself as strong as HULK destroying your attackers! Instinctive Self Defense is teaching us that we instantly intercept the attack whit our own attack, using no techniques of self-defense, nor any martial techniques. We will use our by nature and birth given instinctive movements, MPM, and right tools to do job done.

In the IS you will discover the system without any boundaries, where your every movement is counter attack as the answer to aggression toward you. That means   that every attack is vulnerable and it has its weak points, and by that it is manageable to do a counter attack in the same moment while attack is in progress. In that way the aggression of the attacker and his attack is starting our counter attack which will succeed because there is no time delay, counter attack is started together with attack. During counter attack you use the movement that you do not have to learn, memorize and study for years. Most simple, natural instinctive movements, together with the very firm psychology, conquering of fear, your training in IS and its brutal tactic is going to deal with most difficult situations.

With all that is spoken till here and with good basic knowledge of IS you will become much better human being than you ever was. Specifically this mean that you will never in your life fall under the lets say influence of OBSERVERS EFFECT. That mean, when something is happening near you, some fighting, accident, unjustified violence in which you can help to prevent these, believe me you will help without any hesitation. Observer’s effect is very common in today societies everywhere. This is an situation when somebody need help, let’s say someone is attacked by two people in the middle of the street, and they beat the hell out of him/her, the person yell for help but the hundred people just passing by, turning their heads away, and no one want or will help. They all are too scared for their own lives, and everybody expect that someone else will stop these violence and help to the poor guy/girl or older person.

Now please think that it is YOUR CHILD DOWN AT THE DIRT while some thugs and maniac are beating him/her to the death, and all the people around just passing by and do not take any action to help, they just go faster because they are embarrassed, frustrated and scared. Try to imagine that this is happening to you, imagine that you are passed out in the middle of the street or sidewalk, because of the great heat or something, but no one wants to help you. People just passing by and think for themselves, O I HAVE TO HURRY, I LATE TO WORK, I DON’T HAVE TIME TO HELP, SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO This, THIS is NOT MY CONCERN, LOOK AT THE DRUNK FOOL, and so on. If you or the some other person are down at the floor for any reason, ill, attacked, drunk or whatever, if it is homeless person, they all are just as yourself the our fellow human beings and they need your help. This is observer’s effect. But, when you read this book just once, you will never in your life experience it anymore.

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