Class of warrior’s are unique and one of a kind group of people. True warrior doesn’t have goal to be or become warrior he/she just is warrior. Truth, Honor, Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty, Patriotism, Respect of parents, Respect of elders, Kindness and Love are foundation of virtues of a warrior.
Some people are born warriors, some people are born to become warriors, some people must become warriors or else they will get hurt…doesn’t matter how and why, what matter is that every man in warrior path must apprehend wisdom and virtue trough right deeds, following the path armed with steel will while encounter various temptations.
You are warrior from the moment when you first time say no to molesting of any kind, when you say no to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and violence offered to you at some party or after school. You are warrior when you stand on the side of weaker ones. You are warrior from that moment when you see that all odds are against you and still you say no, I will not bow down – I’m going on my way of honor and dignity.

This web page will help you to become such a warrior, so you will become able to fight against negative influences of your own and from surroundings. But be aware – don’t you think for a moment that here lays the only one truth, because truth is like horn of a dear with many ways but without tail to grasp it firmly and to say: “I got you now, you are my only one truth. There is no such thing.
Maybe you did hear saying: “When student is ready teacher will come.” That is truth. If you decide to look upon yourself as forever student, teacher will come in a right time. Sometimes that teacher is not a man or woman, sometimes teacher is some event or obvious change, sometimes that is newspaper article, sometimes a movie and sometimes a book. If you accept unstoppable changes as normal and develop possibilities of adaptation in every situations teacher will come in some form. With your firm faith in yourself miracles are going to happen.

I urge you that you regard this book as teacher that it is coming in exact right time to show you just one of many divine ways that you can choose and become true warrior.
At the end of our journey here I wish to tell you that from the two: physical exercising and wisdom studying neither one is more important. You have to practice hard and to study wisdom with steel will. If you go either way more you will delay your progress in every aspect of life.
Good Luck!
Gordon Enderson, prof.

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