True wisdom has a gAoal to transform ordinary everyday human beings in to a warrior, fighter and spiritually enlightened human being! To stress that many times in this book the word warrior or fighter will be used! It is important to comprehend our – human struggle against bad things, our own negativity and fight against evil that is around us all!

By studying true wisdom you will be a warrior and a fighter, but not because physical fighting, because of spiritual, mental and intellectual battle against the bad self and bad influences! Physical fight is simple and physical abilities alone don’t lead anybody to the true enlightening!

In today time the world of violence, corruptness and immorality is all around us, it is hard to stay normal, healthy and not under negative influence of our surroundings! You are starting to become a warrior that first moment when in your favorite crowd someone says: “Here take a joint!” And you answer: “No, no, thank you, that first moment when you say no for drugs, alcohol, or violence when you are at your way back home from school, or at the party or wherever, that is first moment when you are started to become a warrior!

Warrior you shall become when you say no to the suppression, violence, neglect, when you are standing on the side of the weaker, when you just see the easy way and when everything is against you and you still say no I will never let go, I will follow my own path of honesty and goodness! Enlightening and understanding of things, relations and the world is not possible if you did not become a Warrior!
By true wisdom: Never surrender, never!

State of “No Surrender” is something that every warrior has to nourish, no matter that sometimes everything is all up against you!

 No surrender, no surrender, no surrender, never surrender!

There are no unsolvable problems in life; you just have to understand that solution might not be in your favor!

When enemy press you in no way out situation, do not care for that, enjoy the moment, enjoy the fight and do not stand down till you can move your limbs!

When you are the best in something then you are the best and there is no one who could change that! So don’t worry, you know your value and this has to be enough for you!  

Please notice, Martial Arts are miracle, True wisdom is a miracle, when you did get here and you are a miracle, but careful, vanity gets bad luck and unhappiness!

True wisdom is the one that asking questions.
How wise you are?
How fast you are?
How strong you are?
 How endurable you are?
How explosive you are?
How good is your technique?
How great is your understanding of things, events and humans?
How good man you are?
How strong is your energy?
How much enlightened you are?
How great your love is?

What can I do for you? How can I help you? Those are magical questions, very magical, and only very powerful people can put them, of course if they are honest!

To compare yourself or yours with others is totally unnecessary stupidity! Just practice, smart, hard, honestly and don’t worry, you are better than anyone else!

Martial Arts are all encompassing, so there is no secret for Martial Artists! Way to this is long and hard, so many discard this way!

When I move, it has to be as the lightning’s are ripping the sky and the wind tearing apart, when I stop, it has to be as the mountain is stopped, when I look, it has to be as the tiger is looking at you, when I am not in the action it has to be as that I am a little kitten!

True wisdom is help to those in need, to those in trouble! True wisdom is here to protect and save!

Do not ask for thanks and litanies, you don’t need that, help and go your way, too many prizes easily corrupt a man!

Every day I am happy for every breath I make, for every step I take, and that is enough for me!

Every day I wish good for all of mines and for all others!

Family is most important, and you should always stick together!

 We all have our own personal problems and goals, but, family together in good and bad; it is something beautiful, try it and you will see!

True wisdom nurture your way not my way, it is just a map to hidden treasure, but the way to that treasure you have to pass by yourself!

Everyone knows, but who knows the best – Nobody!  So study a lot, practice, learn, inspect, perfect and there will be only your way, the best way for you!

True wisdom makes great difference between good and evil!

Honor all religions that make better human beings and all faiths that are fighting for universal good!

 The truth is a god of free man; the truth is god of enlightenment man!

Martial Arts are all good and nothing bad!

Martial Arts trough Martial Artists produce goodness, produce good peoples, produce true wisdom, produce universal human wisdom, produce an art of living, and produce perfection in imperfect world!

True wisdom and love; Hem, where is connection between this two! There is, there is! From outside: firm as mountain, from inside: soft as a cotton! In action fast and furious, but love has to guide this action!

There is no fear, no courage, only action!

When you fight for your life, fight like tiger, firm, with deadly glow and determination! Fight with faith in your sure victory!

True wisdom is correct speech, correct writing, correct expression, correct behavior, and correct thinking!


True wisdom carries light and life where ever someone is using it!

To respect life is ultimate goal, respect of all life! Isn’t that light?
True wisdom can be war, when I bring war in your yard!

War is ultimate Evil!

When you cannot avoid war, you have just one task, to survive with honor!

When you have to fight, fight dirty, dirtiest you can, cheat and smash down, afterwards you can again be a perfect gentleman!


Practice is pleasure,
Practice is mastership,
Practice is perfection,
and Practice is freedom!

I am, I can – remember this whenever it is hard for you!


Honestly in life, yes in combat never!

Do you believe in magic? Try this magic word: PLEASE!
Do you believe in magic? Try this magic word: FORGIVE ME!

When magic words do not work, it is time for magic action!

Light and Darkness are part of one, Life and Death are the part of one, part of existence!

Do not get me wrong, no one has license to kill, neither am I telling you to go around and kill people!

Life is here to live, not to look!

Even the best people are not the best in everything!

Martial Arts are a way of truth and only truth!

There are days when it is just necessary that you become a child!

                    Celebrate life and you will be happy!

Underestimation is dangerous,

One who underestimate easily get killed!

Hatred is poison,

Envy is poison,
Jealousy is poison,
Stupidity is poison,
Fear is poison,
Will is cure,
Love is cure,
and Enlightenment is health!

Danger sharpens senses! 

Power of will!

Will is power!

Good, good and only good!
I deliver good where ever I go!

There is no demon stronger than me!

There is no evil stronger than me!


I am not perfect, not even close, but I am good!


Evil not rule where I stomp?

No surrender!

Never surrender!

In hard times, turn yourself to family, make your family strong!

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