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Wisdom of Instinctive Self Defense is manifested trough wordCOMPREHENSIVE; what means that practitioners of  IS are all the time encouraged to study their own culture, culture of country where they live, their own religions and discipline that they follow, all that can help them to become better human being. Practitioners of IS are encouraged to study different domestic and world cultures, religions, philosophies and disciplines of mind, spirit and body so that all those studies can help them to become better human beings. Instinctive Self Defense practitioner has to be open for all good philosophies, all good from various religions, all good from disciplines of mind, body and spirit but with one goal in mind – how to better perfect their own knowledge, their own goodness, their own enlightenment.

But be careful here – all good – means universal good—not fanatic believes, not personal commodities. Universal good is: humanity, bettering ourselves every moment of living, empathy, love toward other people, tolerance, understanding and value of others, utmost respect of life-all life and equal rights of people. That is universal good. Instinctive Self Defense is one very dangerous Martial Arts and that’s why we have our own Wisdom. We must have it to guide us in right direction. This Wisdom is great help in studying IS - it is like a balance for all physical aggressive stuff from IS. This unique Instinctive Self Defense Wisdom is comprised in five special statement of Instinctive Self Defense.

As special category we have our own unique True Wisdom that has to be studied all the time. For every Master and Instructor of Instinctive Self Defense it is important to understand this Wisdom and its teachings, to honor it beyond boundaries of normal, and to pass it on to your students. That kind of studying will take your knowledge to entirely different level, your understanding of life and practicing to. It will make possible to practitioner to become more intellectually and spiritually perfected. In Universal Wisdom you will find small sayings of very practical nature but with deep wisdom and vast life experience behind them. So Universal Wisdom and five Instinctive Self Defense statements together will give you missing link to enlightenment.




Proper awareness means "be aware" and "make" the correct moves. It means to have proper awareness. Proper awareness means specifically to be aware that knowledge of the Instinctive Self Defense can be abused and used for evil, crime, earning money through this kind of abuse, but still operate correctly and to live in accordance with wisdom of his Martial Arts, with himself and his surroundings.

When once established proper awareness is through the practice of IS mover of becoming better human. Martial Arts practice and proper awareness produced quite a new man, a man who is aware of the world that surrounds him, the man who has the understanding of a mankind, who is always willing to help ... I could recite many nice epithets but brief exercise goal of Martial Arts is to create a human-guided proper awareness to become better human being.

To be Instinctive Self Defense student is a big responsibility of a real teacher and student. Teacher is responsible for the student and his positive development and the student is responsible to accept and learn to exploit even greater self-improvement and for it to do well.

A few words to understand and use and live in everyday life:

Humanity                  Justice

Decency                   Wisdom

Trust                  Goodness

Virtue                    Loyalty

Love                     Courage

Honor                    Character

Respect                Indomitable spirit

Right speech            Right writings

Proper expression       Proper behavior

Persistence                 Happiness

Everyday consideration of these words will allow you that in your regular life you become practically all of it, to live that way. Think about these words daily. Their goal is to provide you with everyday wisdom as guidance for everyday situations of life. With capabilities that are start to rise with your training it is necessary to make a balance with spiritual development. By studying and using these moral setting you will succeed in becoming a better human being, happy and cheerful, wise, calm and confident in yourself. Always cultivate your behavior, cultivate correct behavior, correct speech, writing, decency and respect for each other.

The meaning of practicing Instinctive Self Defense is not only self-defense purpose or that we can defend ourselves from attack – that is practical purpose of exercise. Meaning of practicing Instinctive Self Defense is unification, as union of all relevant elements and factors to combine physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual aspects of exercising and existence. Unification of all that in yourself! 

This is the meaning of practicing Instinctive Self Defense. The purpose is achieved and attained through proper exercise, proper respect for wisdom of IS and by a righteous life. When all these aspects of human existence and action are united in one man, then that man has become a complete human being, a perfect Master of all disciplines and knowledge’s. In order to attain this meaning of practice whole system of Instinctive Self Defense is built on the principle of a unified training. It is a training in which all aspects of human life and exercise are interacted and used, studied, trained, increased and improved.

So, the meaning of practicing Instinctive Self Defense is UNIFICATION - From disunited person to become one that is unite with all universal aspects. This is achieved by unification of  body and mind at the level of practical physical exercise and with a large number of repetitions, then trough unification of psychological aspects with practical training, then by spiritual unification through ascetic training and study of IS wisdom and applying all of that in training and life.

Respect for all people, of all religions, races and nations, all life on earth and in space. When people come to me for training for the first time, for me it doesn’t matter what religion, nationality, race, orientation in politics and life they are. What is important to me is to assess whether they are good correct people and whether therefore they deserve to stay in training of IS. This is most important to me for every day of my life and for all the members and practitioners of IS, new and old.

In most places of our planet human life is no longer respected at all. But you as IS practitioner must be constantly aware of all this horror things and still respect human life above all else. You have to develop understanding of these terrifying situations and events, trough that understanding you will value life as precious.

The whole world has gone as much ahead in civilization and technology in the same time backward in coexistence and respect for life. Where is the respect for life, children’s and mothers when small children as slaves are forced by society and parents to make super nice soccer balls, toys and stuff, working in mines, dying from disease and malnutrition. Then in our normal world we get their products and toys and we are very happy about it. - Nobody wants that for his own family and children. Children of all so-called third countries are on sale for the sadism of any kind from sexual to deadly. They are for sold for rapes, torture and killing for foreign “fine gentlemen’s” from the rich countries. You as practitioner of IS has to be aware of this, very aware.

Also as trainees of IS respect animals, plants and the earth as our greatest treasure and pass this teachings on to others, because without our clean and healthy planet neither we nor our children will be healthy and clean. Always remember - if you want me to respect you, show your respect. Respect life above all, rejoice in life and keep life of others and yours. Important to remember is that you have to respect all of above but not in a way that will damage you. Life is most valuable but as others, so it is yours to.
Life is most valuable; you must always keep that in mind. Your life other people even attacker life. We need to realize that everything has a purpose of existence and that we are not here to change it. It is so with the attackers to, and their lives should be valued as much as possible. However, one should know that the attacker will surely sometimes force us to no longer honor his life that’s his fault entirely.

Life is light which we all aspire, the life of all living things, but there is a darkness that always accompanies us - death. You have to understand and accept that death is at every step around us, and that is always present. When you fight death is very close to you and the attacker. We hang out with death more, more than other people and potential attackers. We want to become masters of life, but each of our technique is a deadly, deadly practice of various activities. Training ourselves in such way we are more accustomed to death. Each of our workouts is therefore light and darkness, life and death. Victory of life over death also occurs on every workout. We have our special techniques that can easily kill other human beings – so we are walking along with death, but we do not kill – so we are walking with life to.

Persistent practitioner of IS will become an OVER THE TOP person in all respects. As such you must accept the natural life cycle of life and death. Also you must accept the fact that you will sometimes brake this cycle by force, if there is no other way - then you shall be prepared for such action. Of course we as Instinctive Self Defense practitioners do not want to hurt anybody and I hope that we never will.

Higher Teaching is only one sentence: Light and darkness are traveling together in a mighty being, for which there is no fear or surrender.


To become a powerful and healthy human being who can always help and use hiss powers for selflessly helping other people.

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